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    • November dates and World Cup - 2016-09-15 09:56:56 -

      The lodge will  be open several weekends in November including Thanksgiving weekend when Killington is hosting the Women's World Cup.  Fall rates are in effect until the end of November.

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    • October Lodge Dates - 2016-09-15 09:55:16 -

      The lodge will be open a number of weekends in October.  Please note that the pub weekend is only open to people signed up on the pub tour with Don Taggart.  Guests are welcome any other open weekend.

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    • September Lodge Dates - 2016-09-15 09:53:48 -

      The lodge will be open the  following weekends in September:

      • 9/2-4
      • 9/9-11 - work weekend
      • 9/16-17 - Burlington Bike Ride
      • 9/23-25 - work weekend
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Posted by Debbie McNeley on October 17th, 2016




 When: Tuesday Nov. 8, 2016    

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Where: NJ Rock Gym

Fairfield business Center,  Rt. 46 West, Fairfield

(just west of Hollywood Ave in the rear)

See www.njrockgym.com for directions.



Cost: $17.00 each

$6.00 additional for climbing shoes

           We are providing our own belayers!!!


Contact: Ken Fox

973-219-4830 or kfox@foxarch.com

PLEASE SIGN UP AND COMMIT BECAUSE I HAVE TO Make sure we have enough belayers




Note from the President

Posted by Lee Desantis on October 11th, 2016

It’s that wonderful time of year again, crisp mornings, clear blue skies, and beautiful colors across the mountains. These are the perfect days for weekend hikes and bike rides and just getting out with friends. Plus it’s time to get ready for the start of another ski season. Of course our club has been busy with all of the above! The past few months have been great with all the things we’ve had on our social calendar and the bi-weekly meetings have been a lot of fun visiting with so many friends.

I’m amazed to think that I’m almost halfway through my term as president, but I have to say it was been very rewarding so far and I think the best is yet to come!

We are back to our every week meetings now with membership renewal period. This time of year is always exciting as the meetings get even busier than they already have been. I really enjoy seeing different friends as their schedules fall into place for them to be able to get out on a Wednesday night. The influx of new memberships spurred by the start of another ski season brings some extra excitement to the meetings too. I really like to take a moment to look around the room after the business part of the meeting is done and see so many friends, old and new sharing stories and making plans for future adventures together and of course that will lead to even more great stories!

See ya all soon at a meeting, on the slopes, or on the trail!

Lee De Santis


Posted by skijcb on October 11th, 2016

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: 10 October 2016
next meeting: 14 November 2016

Rep: Chris Budd – skijcb (at) hotmail.com

Welcome Back Craigmeur members – the leaf colors are peaking in Vermont, get up there to enjoy the brilliance of the autumnal color changes.


National Winter Activity Center (NWAC) – Hidden Valley Ski area has passed into history with their closing a few seasons ago.  Luckily, the facility has not gone to waste.  It has been resurrected as National Winter Activity Center, providing under-privileged and inner city children with the opportunity to experience outside winter sports.  YOU can make a difference by joining their team.  There will be an Open House at the National Winter Activity Center on 10/21.  See the attached flyer and read more info on their website – 2016-natl-winter-activity-center    http://www.winter4kids.org

NJSSC Expo (Jamboree) – Friday 28 October 2016 at the Hanover Marriott, Route 10 East. Exhibits will run from 7pm – 10pm. Admission & parking are free. There is an Irish pub on premises to purchase a meal if you are hungry or a beverage if you are thirsty.  See the flyer here –  http://www.njssc.org/wp-content/uploads/Expo-2016-Flyer.pdf

Here, There and Everywhere – Warren Miller’s 67th annual snow sports film showing Wednesday 02 November 2016 at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown.  Craigmeur Ski Club is taking sign-ups for discount tickets, $20 per person, must be signed up & paid by 26 October 2016.  Here is the link to Warren Miller website for a short trailer and more movie info:  http://www.warrenmiller.com


I am looking for one or two members to alternate as apprentices with me as NJSSC rep. Being a NJSSC rep entails attending the NJSSC monthly meeting (2nd Monday Sept thru May), learning the voucher order / distribution system and posting info about NJSSC events & offers on the Craigmeur web site as info becomes available.  Interested members please contact via email – skijcb (at) hotmail.com.  Thanks !

NJSSC Guidebook printing will be completed in October and you can get your NJSSC Guidebook copy at the NJSSC Expo (Jamboree), Friday 28 October 2016 at The Hanover Marriott. I will bring copies of the guidebook to regular club meetings beginning in November 2016.


Points of interest:

NJSSC membership stickers for the 2016-2017 season have been delivered to Craigmeur’s membership chairperson and will be placed on the back of your Craigmeur membership card when you renew your dues. Show this sticker to retailers / resorts / restaurants in ski country or anywhere else you patronize to let them know you are a member of NJSSC and would like to enjoy any discounts they offer to NJSSC members.   Here is a partial list of participating retailers:  http://www.njssc.org/category/membership-discounts/


Take quick look at the 2016 NJSSC August 2016 post and you will find info about three (3) NJSSC sponsored trips for the 2016-2017 season – http://www.craigmeurskiclub.com/archives/5293


Kids Ski Free programs – follow the link to the flyer – offers vary for fourth thru seventh graders. Each state has unique requirements. Follow the links in each flyer for add’l info.  KIDS SKI FOR FREE PROGRAMS

NJSSC Discount Vouchers will be available thru the NJSSC club rep at any Craigmeur meeting. Resort voucher pricing contracts have NOT been finalized, therefore initial delivery will occur in December 2016.

VOUCHER PURCHASE POLICY – if your payment has not been received the night of the cut off, your voucher order WILL NOT be submitted for purchase.  No late payments will be accepted this season, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Voucher orders can ONLY be picked up at regular club meetings.  Please plan accordingly.

PRELIMINARY 2016-2017 voucher sign-up cutoff / voucher delivery dates as follows:

cut-off 18 November 2016 – delivery 14 December 2016
cut-off 22 December 2016 – delivery 11 January 2017
cut-off 26 January 2016 – delivery 15 February 2017


A determination will be made in February 2017 whether additional vouchers will be available beyond the last delivery date. Resort discount offers, weather and member participation will be determining factors.


Magical Healing night

Posted by Lee Desantis on September 29th, 2016



Inspired by his Mother’s courageous battle with cancer, Paul Cohen introduced his inspirational venture, MAGICAL HEALING, to Craigmeur Ski Club at a recent “Family-Friendly Meeting” that brought out a standing-room only crowd of club members both young and let’s say ‘wise’.

While Paul and Abby’s Mother was in the hospital a few years ago, Paul was determined to bring joy to his Mother during this challenging time. He dusted off his adolescent magic box and enlightened his Mom with some of his magic tricks, bringing tears of joy to her eyes. During his Mom’s final moments, he promised her he would continue to bring joy to others in similar circumstances.

After three years of hard work and determination, Paul is launching Magical Healing, with the determination to bring his venture nationwide in years to come. Magical Healing will train children from the ages of 10-18 to learn fun optical illusions and magic.  His groups will consist of 8-10 children from all walks of life, and at the end of his training camp they will have at least one thing in common – the magical power to bring joy to the lives of children and adults in difficult situations, whether it be in a hospital or nursing home.

Paul dazzled the crowd with optical illusions and magic making for an enjoyable evening for all.

By, Susan Priore


Posted by Debbie McNeley on September 22nd, 2016

Big shout out to Chuck for hosting the Lake Champlain Bike ride!  And another to Chuck, Lee and Justin for pulling the coolers!

What a fun time this past weekend!  10 of us rode 9/17/16 starting out shortly after noon.  We were a bit concerned with the weather leading up to the ride – which turned out to be a non issue – very pleasant!  A bit breezy – but pleasant!  We met at the Oakledge park trailhead.  Trailers were loaded up with provisions and we started the ride.  There  was construction early on along the bike path and we were detoured onto North Avenue to bypass it.  For those looking at the map in the link – it was at the 2.72 mile mark (change the view to Over Distance (vs. Time)) … its the first big elevation change and yes – the hill was very steep – Lee and Chuck can attest to that as they were pulling the coolers up it!

We stopped at our normal photo op/scenic look out spot where we also took advantage of the break to “hydrate” and “lighten” the coolers.  After our little break, we continued on.  It was neat seeing many taking advantage of the breeze … well, actually at that time it was wind.  One spot many kite boarders were loving life out on the water – very colorful!  The views of the lake and the mountains in the background were gorgeous!  Riding the causeway is always beautiful – 2 ½ miles  with water on both sides, built up by marble blocks with stunning water and mountain views.  We took the ferry to South Hero island.  On the ferry, we all broke out in song … the theme song of Gilligan’s Island – yes – the weather started getting rough!  Wind gusts were recorded up to 30 mph.  We knew it was windy – but with the wind being at our backs – it wasn’t so noticeable.  We knew would have a tough time on the return ride.

We had lunch at Whites Beach.  All were happy there was a sign and bushes where we could pull the picnic table behind to block the strong winds coming off of the lake!  During lunch, we watched wind surfers, the waves, and the abundance of food on the table making sure nothing blew away!  The view of the Adirondacks there is one of the best on the lake!

We really felt the wind … and the light rain on the return trip – especially getting off the causeway – Justin was seriously rethinking his offer to pull the trailer from Chuck at that point – but it was a little too late – Justin was in for the duration.  Lee was a trooper – he pulled the trailer on the way out and on the return!  Once off of the causeway, the wind  was blocked by the trees making the ride more pleasant.

6 ½ hours later, after riding 36.31 miles (Chuck:  yes, that is read as 36 DOT 31 miles) we were back at the cars.  We took some time to “hydrate,” refuel, “hydrate,” change, and “hydrate” some more before we got into the cars to grab some delicious pizza and beer at Folino’s Pizza/Fiddlehead Brewery on the way back to the lodge.   We were all wiped – and many went to bed shortly after returning to the lodge.

Sunday’s ride in Pine Hill was cancelled – unfortunately, weather was not in our favor.

For a number of us – this was the 3rd time on this trip.  The company, ride, scenery is always great.  I think I can speak for the others – we look forward to the next one!

For those interested – below is the link to the ride:



September 21 guest speaker

Posted by Lee Desantis on September 14th, 2016


Guest speaker night for September 2016

This month’s guest speaker promises to be a special treat. Paul Cohen from Magical Healing has been developing a wonderful program of giving, revolving around the art of magic, for 3 years now. Paul works with teen agers to teach them magic and then have them perform their craft of new skills to seniors and nursing homes. His program touches so many lives in so many positive ways. This meeting should prove to be inspiring as well as entertaining for all ages. So please plan to attend the meeting on September 21, 2016 and bring the kids, teenagers, parents, and friends for a magical night!






Make magic,

heal the world.

Magical Healing proudly trains young students to perform the timeless art of magic so they can transport people of all ages—in places like hospitals, senior centers, and homeless shelter—from a place of worry to wonderment!



Posted by Debbie McNeley on September 4th, 2016

The annual club Clambake happened on August 20th at Lake Forest Yacht Club and it was a shell cracking, stein hoisting, shoe throwing good time for the whole family.

Yes, there were clams which honored the event’s name and tradition but a rib fest may have to be added to the billing. With over 5 different types of barbequed delectables including pork and beef ribs, pulled pork and chicken it was hard to leave room for corn, hamburgers or hot dogs. As always the homemade side dishes made employing restraint extremely difficult. There were side dishes featuring homegrown Jersey tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, etc. alongside the ever-popular potato and pasta salads. Some of us had desert regardless of how full we were but with a huge sheet cake and homemade sweet treats who could resist?

The food is always great but the people and interaction among friends are what defines this event. Thanks to Frank Smith who organized a horseshoe tournament that randomly paired up throwers creating a glorious mix of competitors. The stein hoisting contest was a ton of family fun as spectators watched adults hold, with stiffened elbows, water filled steins at arms length for an endurance competition. What a blast. This may become a regular event as I am sure people are already training for next year.

As the sun set on the perfectly weathered day there wasn’t a single person that left with an empty belly or a hole in their soul. The day filled everyone’s mind, body and spirit.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it so wonderful.  Hope to see you all next year.

Thank you Amy Stewart for the great write-up!!

If anybody has pics they would like to add, please send them to Lee at lee-dreamscape@hotmail.com

14034941_10153848113553733_1656274732998732208_n (2) 14039970_10153848113458733_5817638654361261550_n (2) 14067435_10153848114198733_1499848179835281706_n (2) 14067556_10153848114003733_8966972066291475120_n (2)

2016 Audi FIS Ski World Cup – Volunteers needed @ Killington

Posted by skijcb on September 3rd, 2016

Hello All –

Please read the information below received from Killington Snow Sports School concerning volunteering for 2016 Audi FIS Ski World Cup event at Killington the week of Thanksgiving 2016. What a great way to represent Craigmeur Ski Club and NJSSC in front of a world wide audience.   Anyone interested should follow the instructions found below.  THINK SNOW !!

“As you all know we will be hosting the 2016 Audi FIS Ski World Cup Thanksgiving Weekend.  This World Cup event will include the women’s giant slalom and slalom races and is expected to bring U.S. Ski Team superstars Julia Mancuso, Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn to compete against the best women’s technical alpine skiers in the world.  Being able to host this event is a big deal!  Europe treats a World Cup race like a national holiday, so we want to make se we put our best foot forward.

“In order to pull off a successful event we will need Killington/Pico staff, Ambassadors and additional volunteers to help.  We need you to spread the word.  The World Cup volunteer page is now live as well as an FAQ page that we will continue to update up until the event.

“Additional information and details about volunteering are located on the World Cup Volunteer website.  Please refer anyone who is interested to the volunteer application on the web at http://www.killington.com/site/to-do/World%20Cup/volunteers .

 “Thanks in advance for spreading the word and we look forward to showing off The Beast to the world this Thanksgiving.”


Amy Laramie

Internal Communications & Guest Experience Manager

Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC
4763 Killington Road | Killington, VT 05751

t   802.422.6216

c  201.230.9084


killington.com | picomountain.com


Posted by Debbie McNeley on August 30th, 2016


Just look at this beautiful place!!  The hike will be on September 25, 2016 at High Point State Park located on Route 23 in Sussex, New Jersey, organized by Patty and Rob Rossi.  We will meet at 10:00 a.m. at The Interpretive Center Parking lot (when you first enter the park).  Do not go down to the Center.  The trail is the Monument and is approximately 3.7 miles.  Wear hiking boots if it’s wet and bring walking sticks if you want.  Bring water and pack a lunch for after the hike.  There is a picnic area with grills we can use!

Elias Cole Restaurant is a great place to have breakfast before the hike or lunch after the hike. It’s inexpensive and everything is homemade!!

For more information and to sign up, please contact Patti at rossi.patricia3@gmail.com

Washington Crossing Fall Bike Ride

Posted by Lee Desantis on August 22nd, 2016



wasington crossing bike ride 4 wasington crossing bike ride 2

2016 Craigmeur Family Friendly Fall Bike Ride

Sunday, October 16, 2016 10:30am

We will be riding along the scenic Delaware River and Canal in the Washington Crossing Historic State Park area, enjoying lunch in New Hope after riding 7 miles north.

Our ride begins at 10:30 at the free parking lot on the NJ side at the intersection of Washington Crossing Pennington Rd. and Rt. 29. We’ll ride west to the trail then north 7 miles along the Delaware River on the PA side up to New Hope for lunch.  After lunch you have the choice of returning south 7 miles along the Canal on the NJ side or continuing another 4 miles up over Center Bridge and then back down for a total of 15 miles on the return.  The terrain will be flat crushed gravel.

For directions: GPS Patriots Crossing Tavern 1339 River Road, Titusville, NJ 08560 (parking lot is across the street).

** Those who want to follow us, meet your carpool and leave your car, we ask that you arrive at our house by 8:45am.   For more information contact Lee DeSantis @ lee-dreanscape@hotmail.com (201) 294-0404 or Abby Cohen @ letsski55@aol.com (973) 202-6123.

wasington crossing bike ride 3