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On Saturday March 6, 2010 we had the annual Craigmeur Ski Club race @ Pico, VT  Let me first say, that the snow gods were looking down on us, as the weather was blue skies, 45 degrees and sunny. We had 54 combine racers, girls, boys, women, men, cougars, studs, chicks, old men, and ladies. You name it, we had it and they were all there to race. Competition was fierce but seemed more relaxed than in prior years, no pre-race waxing, no race suits, no verbal jabbing only a couple of new race skis. In all everybody was smiling and laughing since no times were posted or announced. Some blame the no times on the race chairmen to increase the suspense for award banquet at the lodge and to drive the competitor’s crazy, which he did. The award banquet was fabulous with a past dinner, plenty alcohol, but no trashing talking more of “I think did okay”, and we had two separate ceremonies for the children and adults.

Special thanks to our favorite caters “Diamon”, aka Diane & Oliver. Let alone all our club members were looking  forward to this post race barbeque, but the Pico race club always enjoys hosting our race,  so they can also share in the festivities. Also a big thanks to Roy for taking all pictures of the racers and to my assistant & ski buddy Chris Budd jr. who I will go on the record will smoke his dad next year.

In closing, thanks to all the competitors who came raced, ate and just had plain old fun. So train hard and see you all next year.

2010 Craigmeur Ski Club Print Results

Mike Rachmiel

Race Chairman

3 Responses to “Craig “meur” takes First @ Pico Club Race”

Great WRITE UP! I will have Roy’s pictures posted soon! I enjoyed reading this as I am sure those who attended will enjoy it also! And those that did NOT attend should do so next year to witness the wholesome fun we have at the CLUB RACE!
Great Job!

Mike – Great job as usual with the group splits. And, not knowing anything about any of the time realy made for a much more fun afternoon of free skiing. Can’t wait till next year


Thanks alot for a great job running the race! Can’t wait until next year.
Is Roy going to post a link where we can down load full resolution images of the race? Great shots!


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