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During the week Bob Apgar watched the weather report to make sure the event would have beautiful weather. He ordered it and got it. We were blessed with 70-degree weather. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Great job Bob. Although some members experienced a tornado/micro burst the night before that shut down electricity and knocked a tree down in front of their house, (this author), in the end nothing stopped anybody from coming and everyone enjoyed the day.

Craigmeur Ski Club volunteers helped make this annual event successful once more. The clam cookers took shifts making sure everybody was supplied with clams. Members Diane and Oliver, Diamon Catering and Campus Foods Service repeated offering their world famous hangar steaks that were served during the canoe/raft event. Many members brought incredible food dishes, salads, and desserts. If you were on a diet, this was definitely a day you went off track from your calorie count. But it was worth it!

Glenn showed us why he was elected President. He entertained and helped push the 50/50 tickets to help raise funds for the club. If I might say, he makes an incredible mixologist with his gasoline engine mixer. I think he may have missed his calling. When Glenn mixes, everybody knows it time to party, and we did. Mr. Entertainer at his finest.

Many members enjoyed a ride on George’s electric powered pontoon boat and took a tour of Lake Shawnee. Many people also participated in a rousing game of volleyball. Many members simply caught up on the latest news from friends they hadn’t seen in awhile. Some members were not able to come and were missed by all. This event is the king of Craigmeur Ski Club’s social events and this day just proved it. Everyone just relaxed, talked and enjoyed the day.

Since last year the club has become more than a winter club, but rather an all year around club with activities with wide group appeal. Activities are easy and fun to run and much appreciated by the club. Please contact Glen Desantis and the executive board if you have an activity you would like to run or suggest.

Note: If you enjoyed this event or would like to thank specific individuals who contributed to this event, please add your comment(s) to this post and don’t forget to check for and read any comments at the end of this post.

Note: As of September 7, 2007 this post has been updated with a photo gallery. Please click on link marked Display Gallery.

Photos by: Larry Ticotin, Diane Bogert, Roy Spierer
Photo Gallery by Larry Ticotin

Written by Larry Ticotin, Craigmeur Ski Club Webmaster

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One Response to “Clambake 2007 Recap”

I’ve got to agree, this was probably the best Clambake in the years I can remember since I have joined the club. The beer was flowing as well as the clams.(Many people set their own new records of clams consumed) We have set a new clam record with over 3000 clams consumed, This year’s event warranted a road trip to get 2 more bushels of clams at 4pm, Thanks Curt. Many people ate the clams steamed with the few eating them on the half shell after I gave a lesson on shucking clams at the clam cooker. The students: Lou Biron and Bob Quinn, Grat job guys!! now you can shuck your own and enjoy. Many thanks to all that helped with the preparations from Setup, clam washing and bagging, corn shucking, cooking the many delacacies, shopping, getting the beer, ice and final cleanup. Many thanks do Olivier and Diane from Campus foods and Diamon catering and our own members as well. It was a fun time had by all. Thanks again, Roy

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