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    • February Reservations - 2017-12-13 16:44:21 -

      We are now taking reservations for all weekends through the end of February.  Availability for specific weekends and any mid week nights that the lodge is open are posted on the calendar above.


      We will begin taking reservations for March on February 1st.

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      We are currently taking reservations for all weekend through the end of January. Space is available most weekends. If a weekend is full, we are happy to put your name on the waitlist.

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      Just a reminder - we are now taking reservations for all open dates through New Year's Day.

      Specific dates the lodge is open and current availability is listed in the calendar above.

      We will begin taking January reservation on 12/1/17.

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Mayhem @ Mahlon

Rookie Mt. Bike Ride at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation at Saffin Pond Parking Lot – Jefferson Twp. NJ

May 19th, 2012 at 9AM



Chuck Emery will be a leading this ride. The loop will be designed to give folks who always wondered what this sport is about a decent taste of Mt. biking.  We’ll start on a flat fire road for about a mile (good warm-up). From there the ride will be on rocky double tracks and twisty single tracks with a fair amount of climbs and downhill runs. We’ll slowly graduate the difficulty of the trails with about three bailout points, as people get tired. For experienced riders, this loop would be about 1.25 hours. With rest stops, riding a slower pace and keeping the group together, it’ll probably take about twice that.

There are only a few rules:

1)  You must wear a helmet & bike gloves.

2)  You must ride a Mt. Bike. Hybrids won’t be able to handle these trails. We’ll try to come up with some extra bikes from friends of ours.

3)  You must bring water or a sports drink, a couple energy bars and a spare tube.

That’s about it. Some of our friends will join us so there will be enough experienced riders to help. If the group starts forming into A&B riders, we can split up so everyone has fun at their own level.

This is a great chance to have a goal for a winter workout plan. You’ll want to work mostly on cardio.  Being fit is a key ingredient to having fun on the bike.

Only one word of caution – Although we’ll do everything to keep you safe, Mt. Biking, like any extreme sport, bears the potential of getting hurt. Falling onto a rocky surface is part of the sport. You take this ride at your own risk!

For additional information Please click here to contact me

Hope to see a bunch of you @ Mahlon.

Below are some samples of terrains you may expect

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