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    • Summer/Fall Lodge Openings - 2017-06-12 09:57:40 -

      The lodge will be open for a number of weekends through the summer and fall.  Please check out the calendar to see the open dates.  Reservations can be made through the lodge reservation email or the reservation contact link.  Hope to see you up there!

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    • Lodge Update 1/2/17 - 2017-01-02 18:39:12 -

      We are now taking reservations through the end of February.  We have a lot of openings in February - we hope to see you up there.

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    • January Reservation Reminder - 2016-11-17 16:38:11 -

      Just a reminder - we will start taking reservations for January on December 1st.  There are a lot of midweek dates available - the lodge will be open from 12/15/16 through 1/16/17...

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Good Day Campers and Rafters—-

Okay, everything is confirmed! We are ready to camp and raft.  Just a few items for you to know:

1.       At this point in time, there are NO refunds allowed! Everything is confirmed and paid for.  If you have told me you were coming, I paid your spot.   If you have not yet made payment, please make all checks out to me (Wendy Brescia) or bring cash.

2.       If you know of anyone else that would like to come but has not yet signed up, they may come and pay me that day.  Please note the reservation is under my name not Craigmeur.    If you do not put your reservation under my name, you will not get the discounted rate we were offered for having a large party.

3.       Check in time is 2PM (Friday) – if you happen to get there early and the site is empty, you will be allowed to start setting up.  If campers are still occupying the site, you can check in at the office and utilize the campground but will have to wait for the campsite to clear (no later than 2PM).  At that time, you may start setting up camp.

4.       Check out time is 1PM (Sunday).

5.       We have worker campsites which are located in the field to the right of the office building when you pull in the parking lot.  There will be a section marked for parking and then a designated area to set up tents.  **Please do not set up tents in the actual campsites…this is where the group will be utilizing the campfire and social as well as eating!

6.       I checked the weather today for the weekend and it does not look as beautiful as the weather that Glenn ordered, but when I spoke to the campground, they say the weather up there is different than what it may say online.  But, from the looks of it, it will not rain on Friday evening (so everyone can set themselves up in ease).  Lee will be setting up a large tarp and I believe Olivier is doing the same…so, we should be good to go if it does happen to rain.

7.       Please remember to bring dry clothes, towels, a flashlight, sun block, sunglasses, bug spray, your own beverages, snacks to share among others (chips, dips, desserts, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, etc.).  PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO BRING GLASS ON THE RIVER!

8.       For those of you who are using your own equipment for the river, please be aware, you will need to transport YOURSELF back up to the campground.

9.       For those of you who are using the rental, please be courteous and return ALL equipment at the end of the ride.

10.   Most important – PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELF and HAVE FUN!

Thanks and see you shortly,


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