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    • Summer/Fall Lodge Openings - 2017-06-12 09:57:40 -

      The lodge will be open for a number of weekends through the summer and fall.  Please check out the calendar to see the open dates.  Reservations can be made through the lodge reservation email or the reservation contact link.  Hope to see you up there!

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    • Lodge Update 1/2/17 - 2017-01-02 18:39:12 -

      We are now taking reservations through the end of February.  We have a lot of openings in February - we hope to see you up there.

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    • January Reservation Reminder - 2016-11-17 16:38:11 -

      Just a reminder - we will start taking reservations for January on December 1st.  There are a lot of midweek dates available - the lodge will be open from 12/15/16 through 1/16/17...

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The annual club Clambake happened on August 20th at Lake Forest Yacht Club and it was a shell cracking, stein hoisting, shoe throwing good time for the whole family.

Yes, there were clams which honored the event’s name and tradition but a rib fest may have to be added to the billing. With over 5 different types of barbequed delectables including pork and beef ribs, pulled pork and chicken it was hard to leave room for corn, hamburgers or hot dogs. As always the homemade side dishes made employing restraint extremely difficult. There were side dishes featuring homegrown Jersey tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, etc. alongside the ever-popular potato and pasta salads. Some of us had desert regardless of how full we were but with a huge sheet cake and homemade sweet treats who could resist?

The food is always great but the people and interaction among friends are what defines this event. Thanks to Frank Smith who organized a horseshoe tournament that randomly paired up throwers creating a glorious mix of competitors. The stein hoisting contest was a ton of family fun as spectators watched adults hold, with stiffened elbows, water filled steins at arms length for an endurance competition. What a blast. This may become a regular event as I am sure people are already training for next year.

As the sun set on the perfectly weathered day there wasn’t a single person that left with an empty belly or a hole in their soul. The day filled everyone’s mind, body and spirit.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it so wonderful.  Hope to see you all next year.

Thank you Amy Stewart for the great write-up!!

If anybody has pics they would like to add, please send them to Lee at lee-dreamscape@hotmail.com

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