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    • February Reservations - 2017-12-13 16:44:21 -

      We are now taking reservations for all weekends through the end of February.  Availability for specific weekends and any mid week nights that the lodge is open are posted on the calendar above.


      We will begin taking reservations for March on February 1st.

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      We are currently taking reservations for all weekend through the end of January. Space is available most weekends. If a weekend is full, we are happy to put your name on the waitlist.

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      Just a reminder - we are now taking reservations for all open dates through New Year's Day.

      Specific dates the lodge is open and current availability is listed in the calendar above.

      We will begin taking January reservation on 12/1/17.

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Big shout out to Chuck for hosting the Lake Champlain Bike ride!  And another to Chuck, Lee and Justin for pulling the coolers!

What a fun time this past weekend!  10 of us rode 9/17/16 starting out shortly after noon.  We were a bit concerned with the weather leading up to the ride – which turned out to be a non issue – very pleasant!  A bit breezy – but pleasant!  We met at the Oakledge park trailhead.  Trailers were loaded up with provisions and we started the ride.  There  was construction early on along the bike path and we were detoured onto North Avenue to bypass it.  For those looking at the map in the link – it was at the 2.72 mile mark (change the view to Over Distance (vs. Time)) … its the first big elevation change and yes – the hill was very steep – Lee and Chuck can attest to that as they were pulling the coolers up it!

We stopped at our normal photo op/scenic look out spot where we also took advantage of the break to “hydrate” and “lighten” the coolers.  After our little break, we continued on.  It was neat seeing many taking advantage of the breeze … well, actually at that time it was wind.  One spot many kite boarders were loving life out on the water – very colorful!  The views of the lake and the mountains in the background were gorgeous!  Riding the causeway is always beautiful – 2 ½ miles  with water on both sides, built up by marble blocks with stunning water and mountain views.  We took the ferry to South Hero island.  On the ferry, we all broke out in song … the theme song of Gilligan’s Island – yes – the weather started getting rough!  Wind gusts were recorded up to 30 mph.  We knew it was windy – but with the wind being at our backs – it wasn’t so noticeable.  We knew would have a tough time on the return ride.

We had lunch at Whites Beach.  All were happy there was a sign and bushes where we could pull the picnic table behind to block the strong winds coming off of the lake!  During lunch, we watched wind surfers, the waves, and the abundance of food on the table making sure nothing blew away!  The view of the Adirondacks there is one of the best on the lake!

We really felt the wind … and the light rain on the return trip – especially getting off the causeway – Justin was seriously rethinking his offer to pull the trailer from Chuck at that point – but it was a little too late – Justin was in for the duration.  Lee was a trooper – he pulled the trailer on the way out and on the return!  Once off of the causeway, the wind  was blocked by the trees making the ride more pleasant.

6 ½ hours later, after riding 36.31 miles (Chuck:  yes, that is read as 36 DOT 31 miles) we were back at the cars.  We took some time to “hydrate,” refuel, “hydrate,” change, and “hydrate” some more before we got into the cars to grab some delicious pizza and beer at Folino’s Pizza/Fiddlehead Brewery on the way back to the lodge.   We were all wiped – and many went to bed shortly after returning to the lodge.

Sunday’s ride in Pine Hill was cancelled – unfortunately, weather was not in our favor.

For a number of us – this was the 3rd time on this trip.  The company, ride, scenery is always great.  I think I can speak for the others – we look forward to the next one!

For those interested – below is the link to the ride:



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