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Hello To all,

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM!!!! Is that a shark?  No!!  Is that a shrimp?  No!!  Is that Talapia on the grill?  Talapia?? – It’s a type of fish!!   Noooo!!!  Then it must be clams—lots and lots and lots of clams—At the annual Clam Bake Party-held Saturday—August 15, 2009—lots of food—lots of fun—lots of sun on a beautiful day at Lake Forest Yacht Club at Lake Hopatcong.  Hats off and cheers to Bob Apgar for being the lead person on this event.  He did a GREAT job!!  There were many others involved who helped out—too many to mention-we know who you are!!! All I could tell you is that it was FUN!!  There was music-there was beer and wine-and a mixer for smoothies. The drink-the kegs—7 (seven) I believe were consumed and all of the food was awesome!!! The clam bake started at 12:00PM and went late into the evening. The kids swam in the lake and there were games played under the deck-did some say beer pong?!  Wow!!!!!  What a Day!!  Thank you Bob Apgar and to all of those who helped put this fantastic day together!!! For those attended we appreciate your support and hope you had a gooooood time—for those who could not make it—we missed you—see you next year—August 21, 2010!!

Take care,

Donald Taggart



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