Craigmeur Ski Club

Annual Clambake, August 16, 2008

08 May

Come one, Come all
The last big party before the fall
There’ll be no mistake
It’s the Craigmeur Annual Clambake

Before the thought slips away
Go to your calendar and mark the day
August sixteenth, two-thousand-eight
Will be the infamous date

There’ll be fun and games and food and drink
To register or find out more just Follow This Link
Deadline for money is August 6th
Better would be the forth or fifth

Main food and beer the club supplies
Salads and deserts are pot-luck surprise
If gourmet cooking is not your forte
You can help with setup or cleanup on that day

To volunteer for a particular job
Speak to Mr. Apgar (aka Bob)
It’s not just for members, so bring a guest
They’ll go tell all that Craigmeur’s the best!

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