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Well, one more river trip accomplished! It must have been the most eventful weekend ever. We had a great site, had plenty of room and overall, a quiet weekend. It was nice hearing the river flowing directly behind the tents – it helped drown out the noise that travels across the field so easily. I would like to give a special thanks to Brian Freudenberger for suggesting this idea.

I would like to thank Tracy Jelonnek for holding down the fort prior to my arrival and letting everyone know where to park and set up camp so Olivier could have his own area for setting up the food. I also want to thank Tracy Peterson for her exceptional DeSantis taco dip!

Have you ever see a camping mattress so glorified? Well, if you have not, you must go camping with Larry Ticotin! His blow up mattress is probably better than most people’s home mattress – HAHA! It stood about 3 feet tall and could very easily fit 4 people across it. It has two nice built-in pillows too…..for a photo, please take a look at the gallery. Larry, just a suggestion, maybe you could sell the mattresses to compliment your bedding business. ( Check out link 1 and link 2 ).

The weekend started out with everyone showing up and setting up their camping area. Oliver, (Campus Foods), provided an awesome pasta dinner that was absolutely delicious on Friday evening! A special thanks to Linda, Colette, and her friend Caroline who helped by cutting up the bread and spreading the butter and garlic so we could have toasted garlic bread. The Caesar salad was the best I have ever eaten! Many stayed up sitting by the fire and just conversing with friends and family. The younger crowd enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making smores. Others enjoyed playing basketball by setting up a flashlight just perfectly in order to see the rim. I doubt anyone could say they were bored this weekend.

Saturday morning was a pretty slow start (for some of us), but thanks to Olivier, we had some coffee to jump start us. We gathered together around 9AM to meet for our annual rafting trip. Because the water resembled Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and flowing quite fast, we all had to sign additional waivers. Making sure all waivers were signed, took a bit of time for me and the Adventure Center. I thank those who signed them prior to departure. Also because of the river’s condition, we rented rafts with no option to use tubes, canoes, or kayaks. We were walked across the street to receive our rafts, paddles, and life vests. Again, because the river was flowing much quicker than normal, we were given the option to either double the original route; whereas, Kittatinny would shuttle you back up and you could go again. But, we decided to take the full 17 mile route. From what the Adventure Center told us, it would take not much more than 4 hours due to the flow of the river. That was quite an underestimation. We started rafting about 10AM and the last raft made it to the end by 5:15PM. We saw many rafts throughout our float, but rarely spent time with the entire group. As some were leaving from a stopped break, others were approaching. Some rafts tied up to each other and others raced to the end. And there were a few who kayaked using their personal equipment. Hans had the right idea – he would go up and down the river so he was able to mingle with all the rafts. Once we approached the ending, we had to tell them our boat number and they would cross the name and boat number off the list. We then sat around waiting for transportation – not a lot of fun. Apparently, Kittatinny had to change routes for everyone because of the river’s conditions which then delayed transportation a bit. And, from what I was told, they had a new driver who apparently got lost for 2 hours. The driver finally came back to the base and quit! Even though it was out of my control, I apologize for the inconvenience. One bus load was dropped off at the Pond Eddy base and were told they had to wait for another bus. Not sure what the problem was with that, but at least everyone made it back to the campground (eventually).

Once we all made it back to the campground, Olivier was already preparing the BBQ! This all worked out fine as the campers were in no rush to eat – we had all night to BBQ. For those of you who did not camp, sorry it was a longer day than anticipated. Hopefully, next year, you will join us on the campground.

Thanks to Lee DeSantis, we had enough firewood to keep three rings going the entire weekend. He had his truck loaded with perfect burning wood! With his skills, we also had a lantern hanging from a tree (totally resembled a full moon). His second lantern helped us light the table as we played LCR (Left, Center, Right) for hours! Of course, we had to make it a drinking game, but it was fun all-in-all. Thanks to Jay, Nicole, Liz, and Rick for spotting me your winnings to keep me in the game – HAHA! Many went to bed pretty early this night as the river wiped us all out. I expected to be able to sleep in the next morning so staying up late was not an issue.

Sunday morning rolled around VERY early as the thunder and lightning was passing by before sunrise. It was nearly 6AM when the thunder was rolling around putting a scare in the air. A lot of us were up early packing up our things to make sure they did not get poured on. However, the storm decided to stay afar only getting our things hit by little rain drops. It was great news that this storm decided to wander elsewhere so we could eat our feast of a breakfast that Olivier once again put together!

We all cleaned up and shared some more stories. Most were on the road by noon to head on back to their normal daily lives. Some headed on back down the river with their personal kayaks to get in ONE more float down the Delaware.

This event was a lot of fun and I look forward to planning next years! I would love any comments you may have or if you would like to share any of your experiences. If you have any suggestions for next year’s event, please feel free to share that as well.

Your tour guide Julie – (Wendy Brescia)


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Don’t forget to read Sue Ticotin’s funny report of the river adventure.


Photos by Wendy Brescia, Heather Desantis, Amanda Zega, Larry Ticotin
Video and photo gallery constructed by Larry Ticotin


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One Response to “2008 Canoe/Raft/Camping Recap”

Wendy – Just wanted to thank you for an awesome weekend. We all had lots of fun. Olivier’s cooking was great! Can’t wait to do it again! Liz Holste

Wendy – This is a short note to thank you for a job well done. Speaking as an officer of another ski club (High Life) I know how much planning is needed to put events together. Although you said it wasn’t that difficult, you still expended energy putting it together and it went off very well. It was great to have food provided and no one complained about paying for the services of a very good cook. Oliver like you, did a bang-up job putting it together for us. I thanked him after both meals and again before we left. You are a credit to your club. Robert J. Zega

Hi Wendy – I didn’t get a chance to say thank you on Sunday for organizing the weekend’s events. I had a great time. You did a super job! Thanks for making me feel welcome. Would you please let Oliver know that he did a fantastic job with the food. I didn’t get to thank him myself. I hope to join your (Craigmeur’s) future camping trips. Denise Harlem (High Lifer)
Wendy – Thank You for a great weekend!!!

Many thanks for organizing the great weekend of fun on the Delaware. The food was great, hanging out with y’all was fun and the time on the river was also! From the moment that I got there, you and your club were open and friendly and great fun to be around, not clic-ish as so many organizations are. It was and is, very much appreciated! With loads of appreciation….. Dan Morris from High Life

Wendy – A small way to say a big Thank You for organizing last weekend. Please pass on to your event helpers because I don’t have their emails. I look forward to doing this again next year. This is one of my favorites. Hope you like it… Turn down your sound first unless you can adjust after it starts. Sunny Ross

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