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Update – Website Is Now Fully Functional

05 Sep

UPDATED: 9/9/19 1:30 PM

I lied. The Lodge calendar has now been installed and is ready to go. Unfortantely the previous Lodge calendar was unstable. I have replaced it with a calendar which should be more stable.

Reclusive Web Master

UPDATED: 9/7/19 12:39 PM

Critical engine software updates were recently implemented and needed for this website. Unfortunately, the updates broke the site. The site is now fully functional with a new design except for the missing Lodge Calendar.  I was aware that the site’s appearance was dated. However, my view was if it is not broken, don’t fix it. Now it is fixed with a new up to date look. I understand a new web site is under construction. Please check with your Executive board if you have any questions.

Features of this NEW theme/look:

  • Mobile Friendly Responsive MODERN Design – View site on your mobile phone or tablet in vertical position – Google rewards sites for this design because it is more useable.
  • Website is fast – renders page quickly!
  • Easily viewable and clean design. Easy to read.
  • New websites should be viewed in both computer browsers and mobile phones to check for usability and appearance!
  • Images on top are randomonly changed each time you visit site or go to a new page and may be edited and added.
  • Videos may also be added to the top.
  • LODGE CALENDAR may be added if requested – providing the club is happy with this look. Adding the lodge calendar may take a lot of my valuable time. It will only be added if the club is committed to this design.


(Please share your comments at club meetings)

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