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New Website Update

11 Sep

I hope everyone enjoys the new website. It was a pleasure to create it.

Last night I had a conversation with Nicholas Stewart, President, Craigmeur Ski Club. Unfortunately, due to my time constraints, I have asked Nick to become’s Site Administrator.

The Site Administrator is responsible for helping people with the club’s website and ensuring that new posts meet specific standards. The Site Administrator will oversee and assign posting privileges to the appropriate people. I had known Nick before he became a member of the club and have no doubt he is the right technical person for the job.

I will remain the Webmaster to address technical issues that can’t be resolved by the Site Administrator. This includes system updates and adding new (reasonable) features if needed and available. I reserve the right to choose who will be the Site Administrator based on their qualifications.

Our website standards for posts are common sense. No malicious content or anything that will malign the club’s image will be allowed. Also, all posts must be related to the club so that the website does not become watered down with non-club postings, including requests for donations to charities. If you have questions if a post is acceptable, please see your Site Administrator.

One more thought. The website is only as good as each member makes it. Please contribute posts including event write-ups and photographs to the site. Our website is designed to draw new members and give current members information on past or future activities, so content is crucial.

Larry Ticotin. Webmaster

Update – Website Is Now Fully Functional

05 Sep

UPDATED: 9/9/19 1:30 PM

I lied. The Lodge calendar has now been installed and is ready to go. Unfortantely the previous Lodge calendar was unstable. I have replaced it with a calendar which should be more stable.

Reclusive Web Master

UPDATED: 9/7/19 12:39 PM

Critical engine software updates were recently implemented and needed for this website. Unfortunately, the updates broke the site. The site is now fully functional with a new design except for the missing Lodge Calendar.  I was aware that the site’s appearance was dated. However, my view was if it is not broken, don’t fix it. Now it is fixed with a new up to date look. I understand a new web site is under construction. Please check with your Executive board if you have any questions.

Features of this NEW theme/look:

  • Mobile Friendly Responsive MODERN Design – View site on your mobile phone or tablet in vertical position – Google rewards sites for this design because it is more useable.
  • Website is fast – renders page quickly!
  • Easily viewable and clean design. Easy to read.
  • New websites should be viewed in both computer browsers and mobile phones to check for usability and appearance!
  • Images on top are randomonly changed each time you visit site or go to a new page and may be edited and added.
  • Videos may also be added to the top.
  • LODGE CALENDAR may be added if requested – providing the club is happy with this look. Adding the lodge calendar may take a lot of my valuable time. It will only be added if the club is committed to this design.


(Please share your comments at club meetings)


05 May

Mark your calendars for the 14th annual camping / rafting weekend, July 12, 13, and 14.  I don’t know about you, but I look forward to this great event more than anything else!

Please click on the links to download the flyer containing more information, registration form, Landers liability form and Craigmeur liability form.  All forms must be submitted to Jeff Picher, P.O. Box 2732, Branchville, New Jersey 07826 by June 22nd!!  Please contact Jeff at (973) 207-1443 or with any questions.

Camping and Rafting flyer 2019 (1)

Copy of Rafting Trip Registration 2019

Landers Liability Release 2018

RELEASE-OF-LIABILITY-Craigmeur-ski-Club 062017



Craigmeur Kids (And Adults) Picnic

09 Jun

Date: Saturday June 10

Time: 11am-5pm

Where: Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Mahlon Dickerson Shelter/Picnic Site/Ball Field
Craigmeur Ski Club Kids Picnic
What better way to get together with friends and family than to have an old fashioned picnic?
Please use this opportunity to bring along a friend or family that would like to see what Craigmeur Ski Club is all about. All are welcome. There will be games for the kids both big and small. We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers and more. We always welcome bringing a dish to share.  The event will be BYOB.
A bit about the location.  Mahlon Dickerson is a very large park with hiking and mountain biking trails.  There are campsites if you want to make a weekend out of it. (You will need to contact the park service to reserve a site) We will be located at the ball field and have a pavilion to keep out of the sun.
Please RSVP to Justin Stone at with a headcount of you and your guests.


09 Jun

Craigmeur Golf Weekend is Friday, June 23-25, 2017 at Green Mountain National Golf Course and Lake St. Catherines Golf Course. ALL ARE WELCOME!!

A $50.00 deposit due by June 10th will secure your spot! Any questions, contact Frank Smith, (973) 479-2826 or or 51 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849.

Recap – Murder Mystery/ Golf/ Sight-Seeing Weekend at Craigmeur Ski Lodge

03 Aug

There were no ghosts or goblins, but our night at Wilson Castle in Vermont was spent searching for the killer of an unknown victim. We were eventually given permission to access the dark, dingy, cobweb filled attic to find the body of Dick Edinger and the search for his killer began.

The killer, with a cold case like this, had 25 Craigmeur ski club members rummaging through drawers, exploring the castle, while drinking our own libations. We put our team together, but not until we visited the partridge cage was the killer, Mrs. Davin, found out?

A fun time was had by all at the Wilson Castle murder mystery.

We stayed at the Lodge, and feasted! Thanks to Chef Frank Smith, Susan Priore and their crew ; Phil wasn’t missed for a beat. What great camaraderie while everyone chipped in to get the meals served.

As always at the lodge in non-winter months, other activities filled the weekend. A number of people visited the local golf courses while others climbed waterfalls and went shopping. Take the time to experience the lodge in summer, you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Ken Fox
Original Announcement Post

Main Characters:

Dick Edinger – murdered

Mrs. Davin – killer

Reported by Diane Bogert

Note: The following photos include images from Wilson Castle Murder Mystery, the top of Okemo Mountain and Butter Milk Falls. Photos by Ken Fox and Larry Ticotin. Photo gallery created by Larry Ticotin, your friendly neighborhood webmaster. Enjoy!


RECAP – 2013 – Camping, Rafting trip – Photo Gallery

29 Jul



Lee Desantis and Abby Cohen organized a great weekend activity. The club adopted this event many years ago and along the way it has morphed into a higher level that has become as memorable as the Clam Bake. However the event would not have been as good as it was if not for the many club volunteers who helped. This event is simply too big and great for any one person to handle.

Luckily the weather for the weekend was mild. We did have some rain on Friday night, but somehow Lee was able to hold the rain back on Saturday when we rafted, canoed or kayaked down the Delaware river. During our trip down the river we were blessed with Bald Eagles flying overhead. We even witnessed a Bald Eagle resting on the river bank.

There were some water fights on the river. Some people brought water guns and showed their superiority while mastering their toy weapon. Others like Frank had a giant sling shot that hurled water balloons a hundred yards. However, I can personally attest that Frank cannot hit the side of a barn. Keep trying Frank.

Saturday evening Lee organized a large dinner buffet that fed all 96 people in our group. Afterwards we were entertained by a rock band headlined by a friend of mine, Joe Reynolds. In the morning we had a buffet breakfast that was second to none.

I look forward to Lee and Abby continuing to organize this event in the future because their involvement guarantees a thrilling experience. I also think with the club’s support and volunteer help the event will continue.

Larry Ticotin

Note from Abby Cohen and Lee Desantis:

Abby and I would like to thank everyone that helped out along the way to make this year’s camping / rafting weekend such a success, from help picking stuff up, preparing, cooking and cleaning up meals, keeping an eye on the bon-fire, the errand runners, to fireworks and Japanese Lanterns, Landers outfitters for ensuring everything went smoothly, fly by night, and to all that attended . . . thank you, the best planned party doesn’t get off the ground until everyone shows up and makes the fun happen.

See ya all next year!

Lee and Abby


2013 Yankee Game August 9

27 Jun






Only 14 Seats remaining

Bus Capacity is 55 Occupants.

Round trip bus from Rockaway Mall (Southeast corner of parking lot behind Macy’s).

Departure time: 3:30pm.

Total price for all: $67.00 pp

Please submit payment to Roy Spierer, 5 Davos Dr. Unit #3 Vernon, NJ 07462

Questions: E mail Roy


Verizon Email Customers Not Receiving Club Emails

01 May

For some reason is blocking emails coming from

Please complain to Verizon if you are experiencing this problem and mention you are not receiving valuable email.

Please click here.

Please supply Mark Skove, VP, Craigmeur Ski Club with a second email address that is not the same domain as your primary email address to insure that you get important email messages from Craigmeur Ski Club.

Thank you,

Lawrence Ticotin
Your Friendly Webmaster


Lake Louise Ski Trip Recap

07 Apr

The Lake Louise Ski trip was without a doubt one of the most beautiful destinations our ski club has visited.  Although the trip was delayed a day because of a blizzard, it was well worth the experience. The ski area resides in mountains that are part of the Canadian Rockies. From the top of the ski trails, we found ourselves mesmerized by the 360 degree view of white cap mountains.  Our intrepid skiers enjoyed Sunshine Village Mountain and Lake Louise Mountain.

In Banff we visited the local bars and restaurants. Some restaurants served local game cuisine like elk. The town had many high end boutiques and was a great place to shop or browse. Many people also visited and enjoyed the natural springs on Sulphur Mountain. On Wednesday, most of our group went snowmobiling. On Friday we had a torch light ski run after dark on Lake Louise Mountain. Afterward we enjoyed a Torch Light Dinner and entertainment at the mountain.

Unfortunately, our trip was blemished with several medical emergencies that were not related to skiing. Maryanne Mecca developed an intestine problem and other complications that required surgery and a eight day stay at a hospital in Canada and another stay at Morristown Hospital in NJ.   Diane Bogert lost control of a snowmobile and messed up her knees when she had a head on crash with a tree. Bill Goers, Dwight Mann and Ken Fox were traveling in a rented minivan that flipped over because of icy road conditions. Ken Fox was the luckiest of the three and recovered within a few days. Bill Goers experienced a broken vertebrae bone near his neck that caused partial paralysis and is now recovering at home from a second risky operation that should help him return to a normal lifestyle. Dwight Mann broke a rib bone that punctured his lung that prevented him from flying home in a pressurized jet. His girl friend was a real trouper and flew out to Canada to take him back home by car and train. That trip home turned out to be an adventure that experienced hiccups. On behalf of the club we wish all our injured members a quick recovery.

Please be sure to attend the upcoming “End of Season Party” on May 1, 2013 at the Exchange Restaurant. An encore presentation of the ski trip will be shown during the party. The best photos have been reserved for the encore presentation and do not appear in the photos that follow.

Mark your calendar: End of Season Party, Exchange Restaurant, Rockaway, NJ –  May 1, 2013

Photos by: Bill Goers, Diane Bogert, Don Dyrness, Frank Smith, Ken Fox, Larry Ticotin, Laurie Ogara, Maryanne Mecca