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Canoe Raft Trip – July 29, 2006

30 Jul

The Canoe/Raft trip was a resounding success. We were almost 50 people strong! There was an ample amount of canoes and rafts for everyone. Better yet, we were blessed with beautiful weather. Some people sun bathed on their raft while meandering down the water. Other people enjoyed the swimming or participated in water fights. You could not miss Roy Spierer when he sounded of his foghorn while Chuck Guider and Larry Ticotin showed their lack of boating skills by getting their wives dunked into the water. Best of all everybody had fun because they were with friends.

Everybody enjoyed the ride down the Delaware River’s beautiful scenery. During our journey Hans Winkler pointed out a Bald Eagle that was flying above us. A Beaver was also spotted along a riverbank. In addition Bob Quinn’s children found large live clams in the water. Perhaps that was an excellent prelude for the upcoming Clam Bake event.

The most outstanding part of the event was the barbeque that followed our river journey. Our club Members Olivier R. Monod, President of Campus Foods Service, and Diane L. Bogert, President of, Diamon Catering, out did themselves. Everybody was overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of food they supplied. Oliver’s chicken and hanger steaks was an instant success with everybody. People could not get enough of the hanger steaks. Amazingly there was so much food left over.

Please share your experience if you were at this event by adding a comment to this post.

Posted by Larry Ticotin

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July 19, 2006 Meeting Highlights

19 Jul
  • Clam Bake – Aug 12th, approximately 40 people have signed up to date.  Deadline for sign ups is Aug. 3.  Bob A. is requesting the following: help before and after, salads (tossed, potato, macaroni) and a few other goodies, if you would like to bring your special dish, please contact Bob and let him know what you are bringing so he can put you on the list.  Remember  – the more the better and we like variety.

Please click here for more information.

  • Canoe Trip – July 29th, Larry states at this time, 44 people have signed up to raft and canoe and 50 people have signed up for the BBQ being hosted by Oliver and Diane.  For those attending, Please be reminded the BBQ does not include beverages, therefore make sure you bring your favorite refreshment.  Also, for those rafting, pack a light snack and beverages for the river ride.  Put all food in ziplock bags and beverages must be in plastic or cans – no glass please!!!!!
  • Premier of Meathead Films “Snow Gods” – Nov. 4th at the Lake Forrest Yacht Club.  A steering meeting was conducted after the meeting.  Anybody interested in helping out please contact Glenn, Roy, Wendy, Chris B. or Chris J.  We are setting up committees at this time and researching promotional avenues.
  • High Life – Liz Holste attended our meeting extending invitations to our club members for the following events; 1.) Sep. 3rd BBQ and Volleyball Challenge to be held at the High Life Lodge in Vermont, cost is $15/ BYOB.  If you are interested in representing Craigmeur contact Linda Silbert at  Additionally, on Oct. 8th, they are having a BBQ at the Knoll Country Club park.  Cost is $20/ BYOB, contact Linda if interested.

Written by Christine Jost

Posted by Larry Ticotin

Craigmeur Ski Club Meeting Reminder

18 Jul

Craigmeur Ski Club Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder to please attend our meeting at the exchange on Wednesday, July 19, 2006. We are looking for volunteers to help with the premier of the upcoming movie “Snow Gods”. This is a rare privilege and opportunity that will bring major benefits to the club. Please click here for more information:
Added Bonus:

Curt Griggs, a friend of Craigmeur Ski Club has donated a pre-owned, excellent condition, “NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier” to the Craigmeur Ski Club. The machine will be on display during the meeting.

This state of the art exercise machine will be auctioned off during the meeting. The proceeds will be used to raise funds for the club.

Curt will be attending the barbecue at the upcoming Canoe-Raft trip on July 29th. If you plan on attending, please take the opportunity to thank him for this generous donation to the club.

Information on the Canoe-Raft trip may be found by clicking here:

Please get your reservations in for the annual clambake at Lake Shawnee on August 12, 2006 . You can also pay and make your reservation at the meeting.

Please click here for more information:

Posted by Larry Ticotin

Club Meeting – YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. July 19, 2006

14 Jul

To All Craigmeur Ski Club members:

    The club has obtained a great opportunity to be the host of a movie premier for Meathead Films. Meathead Films is a film production group based in Burlington Vt. that produces exciting extreme skiing films all filmed on the mountains that we ski on. These films are sold on dvd in various ski shops all over the country. They have offered us the chance to be a site for the premier of their latest film “Snow Gods” to arrive this fall. This monumental task of showing their film will require many hands to assist in this project. The date of the film premier is November 4th 2006. This premier will benefit the club in many ways. The club will be holding a special meeting to recruit help for this project on Wed July 19th following our regular meeting at The Exchange. The regular meeting is at 8pm sharp with the special meeting to begin between 8:45 and 9pm. Please make every effort to come and see the exposure that this event will bring to the club. A task of this size cannot be taken on successfully with just a handful of people. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED.

Here is more information about this upcoming event:

Also, time is running out, please get your resevations in for the annual clambake at Lake Shawnee on August 12th. You can also pay and make your reservation at any meeting.

Written by Roy Spierer

Posted by Larry Ticotin

Delaware Canoe/Raft Trip Saturday, July 29, 2006

08 Jul
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The July 12, 2006 cut off date is coming up for the Delaware Canoe/Raft trip & Barbecue that will take place just north of Port Jervis, NY, 9:00am, Saturday, July 29, 2006. The barbecue will start at approximately 3:00 pm. Don’t miss this Craigmeur Ski Club summer time adventure. It is important that you meet the deadline so that we can guarantee a canoe or raft for you and your guests.

We have worked out extremely attractive rates for this event. Only $26.00 per adult for canoe or raft rental and $8.00 for the Barbecue (does not include refreshements). The Barbecue will follow the trip and will be catered by our club members, R. Monod, President of Campus Foods Service, and Diane L. Bogert, President of, Diamon Catering. The food will be equisite and the barbecue cost is without doubt an incredible bargain.

Please visit for more information

To participate, two separate checks must be made out. $26.00 per adult or $19.50 per children under the age of 12 to “Lander’s River Trips”. In addition a check payable to Larry Ticotin for $8.00 per person for the barbecue. Please let us know if you prefer a canoe or raft. You may also sign up for just the barbecue. The checks must be mailed to Larry Ticotin.

Please follow the instructions on

Please contact Larry Ticotin if you have any questions:

Cell: 973-214-0263

Posted by: Larry Ticotin