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First Annual Fall NYC Bike Ride – September 29, 2007

26 Jul

This post was revised on August 2, 2007.

Come out and join us on the first annual Fall NYC Bike Ride, Saturday, September 29, 2007! We will meet at 8:30am at the Denville Dunkin’ Donuts(same D&D many of us meet for Bike New York each May) and drive to Hoboken. The first leg will take us along the Hudson River on River Road in NJ including a one mile hill at the end climbing over 200 feet from river level to the upper deck of the GWB! We then cross the GWB and ride the Greenway (a dedicated ped/bike path) along the Hudson on the NYC side all the way to the southern tip of Manhattan. And then the best part, like many SkiClub events the best part, we end up at a bar! The SouthStreet location of a NY Micro Brewery – The Heartland Brewery. Good Food and Great Refreshments.

The Heartland Brewery

After lunch we retrace our ride back to 39th Street and take the New York Waterway Ferry back to Hoboken.

Important: Although about 1/3 of this ride is on a paved dedicated bike/pedestrian path, the rest is on city streets. Most of the remaining 2/3 is on River Road, minimal traffic and a 2-3′ shoulder. There are three sections that auto traffic will be heavier; getting out of Hoboken (1 mile), from the GWB to the Greenway (3/4 mile) and from the Greenway to SouthStreet Seaport (1/2 Mile). With this in mind, this ride is for riders experienced with cycling on roads with auto traffic; kids are not recommended.

The basic ride is about 25 miles. There are a couple of variations, we may opt to ride a loop thru Central Park, adding 5 miles (and additional riding with auto traffic). For those very ambitious on the way to the ferry may opt to continue to retrace the entire ride on the Greenway back to the GWB, cross, and back down River Road to the hoboken – this will total about 45 miles. Be sure to bring water bottle/cage, CammelBak, etc… and a strong bike lock – needed when we stoop for lunch, remember we are in NY. I have two extra that are available to the first two requests. Also recommended: patch kit/spare tube, helmet, FRS two-way radios – a bit easier/quicker then dialing cell phones.

FerryCosts: Parking: about $20/car Ferry: $8/person for ferry including bike, Lunch: sandwiches/entrées: $10-$20, Beer $5/pint I will be at most meeting to answer any questions. You can also email me.



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Craig DeSantis

Waterskiing a Splash and a Half

19 Jul

The absolutely perfect ski day of the year occurred on July 14th at Lake Hopatcong. Craigmeur Ski Club members were blessed with a warm summer breeze, a clear blue sky, and an average temperature of 88 degrees. There was not one thermal sock lost nor goggle fogged! The ever gracious Handsome Glenn and Delightful Debi opened their beautiful home to approximately 40 warm-water-bugs. We spent the entire day waterskiing, tubing, swimming, sunning on Glenn’s saxony lawn, and of course eating and drinking to our hearts’ content. It was akin to a Club Med vacation right in the heart of New Jersey. We’d like to extend a hearty thanks to everyone who brought the amazing food (not junk at all – pretty impressive, folks), the grog (same ol’ junk – impressive in volume only), the speed boats (Glenn’s, Chuck’s, Pat’s, Fred’s, & Mark’s), the skis (all varieties), the crazy tubes (let’s hope Pat’s can be repaired), and the gas (at current prices, a really big thank you).

Videographer: Diane Bogert
Photos by: Larry Ticotin, Craig Desantis, Diane Bogert, Roy Spierer
Photo Gallery by Larry Ticotin
Video edited by Kyle Ticotin and Larry Ticotin

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Killington Season Passes

06 Jul

Craigmeur Killington Skiers, We received this e-mail from Highlife Ski Club about the new owners of Killington/Pico and felt it was worth posting on our web page. Click linkfor in detail letter but basically the new owners are cutting back on the length of season, no major improvements & upgrades and 60%increase on season passes with more black out dates. To show your unhappiness and to decrease the new owner’s cash flow, the e-mail is asking you to delay purchasing your season pass until 48 hours before the deadline of October 2007.

Mike Rachmiel

Former Craigmeur Treasurer

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