Craigmeur Ski Club

Guest Speaker, Charlie Toole, October 17, 2007 General Meeting

30 Sep

Extra News: The Exchange Restaurant is donating a few extra door prizes that will run with our 50/50.

From our president, Glenn Desantis:

Charlie Toole will be a guest speaker on 10-17-07 directly after our general meeting. He will discuss some pre-season fitness & training helpful for skiers. There was some interest with a few members looking into a “Club Hike” over the summer.

The following is an excerpt from an email Charlie sent me;

Hi Glenn,

charlie_tool_poster.jpgMy name’s Charlie Toole, Sean Kelly suggested that I contact you. He tells me you’re interested in getting some fitness and outdoor activities going with your ski club. I would like to attend one of your next meetings to discuss group and personal fitness and conditioning classes, maybe a group hike and any other activities in which you may be interested. I’ve been a fitness trainer for many years and have a great deal of experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities.

I’ve attached a flyer with the same info that you can give to your members so they can get an idea of what’s involved. The activities are fun, challenging and produce quick results for all athletes. The hikes are at various locations around the Morris, Sussex and Passaic county areas and can be geared for different fitness levels.



Charlie Toole

Craigmeur By-Laws Changes

20 Sep

Craigmeur Constitution & By-Laws Review Committee

Craigmeur Members –

Our club has grown significantly in the last few years and we have now reached the threshold
of maximum membership enrollment at 180 memberships, as defined by the Craigmeur Constitution.  More people are interested in joining our Club which presents new challenges in accomodating current and potential new members fairly.

Craigmeur’s Executive Board decided in January 2007 to review the existing Club Constitution and
By-Laws to consider modifications to accomodate current and potentail club memberships. 

In June 2007, the Constitution & By-Law Review Committee established the following stated goals:

-Clarification of existing verbiage
-Addition / Removal / Modification of criteria to better frame intent of By-Laws
-Define ambiguous terms to allow for more precise interpretation of By-Laws

For your consideration are two documents: Craigmeur Constitution-April 2005 version; 2007 R8 Working Draft of Craigmeur Constitution, which includes all recommended changes highlighted in RED.

Craigmeur Constitution & By-Laws April 2005

Craigmeur By-Laws R8 Working draft

Based upon input from the Review committee and concerned members, a final document was created and accepted by the Craigmeur Executive Board at the September 05 meeting.  The Executive Board voted on September 05, 2007 to recommend this document be ratifed as the new Craigmeur Constitution and By-Laws.

The general membership of Craigmeur Ski Club must approve this document before it can be fully implemented by the Club.  You, as a Club member, will receive a post card and an email requesting your paticipation in reviewing the recommended changes.

The notice will also request your attendance to a Club meeting on a defined date to vote upon the document for acceptance or not.  A simple majority vote of two thirds of members present is required to accept this document as the current Club Constitution. 

There will be no further modifications to the document prior to a vote by Craigmeur general membership.

Your voting options are : Yes / No / Abstain.

Please take some time to review these documents and be ready to cast your vote.
Thank You

Chris Budd

NJSC September 2007 monthly report

18 Sep

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: September 10, 2007
next meeting: October 08, 2007

Rep: Chris Budd –
Welcome Back – the first NJSC monthly meeting of 2007-2008 season was held September 10, 2007.  I proofed the NJSC guidebook listing for Craigmeur Ski Club and gave the necessary approval.  Guidebook publication will be completed in October and you can get your NJSC Guidebook copy at the NJSC Jamboree, November 02, 2007 at The Stadium Club, Giants Stadium.  I will also have copies of the guidebook after the November NJSC meeting.


Our club listing page has also been up-dated to reflect the most current contact information.  Please take a look and advise if any changes need to be made.

Suggested changes to the NJSC Constitution were also presented for member club reps consideration.  These changes will be reviewed and an approval vote will be taken at the October 08 NJSC meeting.  Anyone interested in reviewing this document should see Chris Budd.

When patronizing retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else, remember to show your Club membership card with the NJSC member sticker to inquire about discounts and deals.  Also check the new NJSC web site for additional point of sale discounts under the “Membership Direct” heading.

Points of interest this month:

NJSC membership stickers for the 2007-2008 season have arrived and wll be placed on the back of your Craigmeur membership card when you renew your dues.  Show this sticker to retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else to let them know you are a member of NJSC and would like to enjoy any discounts they are offer to NJSC members.

NJSC Jamboree – Friday November 02, 2007 at The Stadium Club, Giants Stadium – pull down the attached flyer and pass it around to skiers you know.  Learn about local clubs and resorts as well as plan your ski trip for the up-coming season.  2007 NJSC Jamboree flyer

Ski Skills Tune Up Day – Saturday December 01, 2006 @ Windham Mtn.
Follow the link to the flyer.  If you are interetsed, please print a copy of the flyer for your reference.  You must sign up with me BEFORE November 25, 20076 as NJSC will only accept Club checks.  See me at any regular meeting.2007 NJSC Ski Skills Tune Up flyer

NJSC – Jackson Hole, WY – follow the link to the flyer.  This trip seemed very popular at the Spetember 2007 meeting so if you are interested, sign up soon.  Initial deposit is required by October 15, 2007.2007-2008 Jackson Hole flyer

NJSC – Panorama, Britsh Columbia – the flyer is being finalized and should be available on the NJSC web site soon.

NJSC Discount Vouchers will be available thru Chris Budd at any Craigmeur meeting.  Sign ups will begin October 03 & payments will be taken at the same time.  Sign-up cutoff / voucher delivery dates as follows:

cut-off 10/17/2007 – delivery November 14, 2007
cut-off 11/21/2007 – delivery December 12, 2007
cut-off 12/19/2007 – delivery January 16, 2008
cut-off 1/30/2008 – delivery February 13, 2008

ASIA / PSIA participation

Amatuer Ski Instructors of America / Professional Ski Instructors of America – if you want to improve your skiing skills, these programs are both highly recommended.  Follow the link to the flyer and print a copy for your reference.  Further information can be found on the NJSC web site.2007-2008 NJSC ASIA flyer


posted by Chris Budd

2nd Annual Pizza/Bowling Event – Saturday, November 3, 2007

10 Sep

bowling1-page1.jpgIt’s time for another Pizza/ Bowling Party! This year’s event promises to be even better than last year’s. I decided not to take a chance on running out of bowling lanes so this year we are going BIG….and reserved the entire 24 lanes of the Rockaway Bowling Lanes for this event! The fun starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 9:30pm

The cost is only $20.00 person and includes:

  • Unlimited Bowling
  • Shoes
  • Pizza
  • Soda

The event is open to members, families, and friends. The cut off date is October 27, 2007. However, once I fill up all 24 lanes with a minimum of 4 people, I will be unable to accept any more reservations. Incredibly, I have already received reservation checks and more are coming in. These commitments happened even before last Wednesday’s club meeting.

Once again the camaraderie of Craigmeur Ski Club members and events that offer great family fun is the reason we enjoy so many successful events. So for good times and spending some quality time with family and friends, plan on joining us for Bowling and Pizza night.

Please click on the poster or the link below to print your application and follow the instructions on the form for mailing in your reservation. Hurry! Don’t be left out! Sign up now before it’s too late!

tn_img_5711b123.jpg Larry Ticotin

Please click here to print an application.

Ski Season Kick Off Event – 8:00 pm, November 7, 2007

09 Sep

This event is replacing the Membership Night. It is going to be an entertaining night and some ski vendors may be attending.

Bill Siudmak, member of Craigmeur Ski Club and President of Backstage Media, LLC, will be loaning his slide show equipment. We will have a chance to view photographs covering events from the last 12 months and reminisce about the past.

Roy Spierer is going to work his magic and is planning on contacting many vendors to ask them to offer prizes on this night. Last year Roy was able to come up with some spectacular prizes. Lets see if he can keep his winning streak going with vendors. The clock is ticking and the pressure is on. Go get em Roy!

Written by Larry Ticotin, Craigmeur Ski Club Webmaster

Holiday Party – December 12, 2007

09 Sep

Where:  The Exchange
When:           December 12th
Cost:           $25 by December 5th
$30 by December 9th
Guest welcome at same rates
No reservation by the 9th means you are not coming.
There will be no door ticket.
What you get:
Cash Bar
$10 optional Grab Bag
Checks may be made out to:
Craigmeur Ski Club
179-9 Route 46 West #226
Rockaway, NJ 07866-4046

The above photo is from last year’s holiday party (previously posted here); always a favorite of members. Last year we had an incredible attendance and fun. Details are being worked out for this years holiday party. Please mark your calendar and make sure you visit for the latest updates. Better yet, please attend meetings to find out the latest news so that you don’t miss out on signing up.

Please click here to check out last years outstanding party which includes a photos gallery.

Written by Larry Ticotin, Craigmeur Ski Club Webmaster