Craigmeur Ski Club

SSMPR @ Hunter MT.

28 Mar

The last race of the season was held at Hunter Mt. this past Saturday. It is hard to believe the season is over but all good things have to come to the end. Now we can move on to Bike Larry, Bike NY, Roy Yankees, Glen Jimmy Buffet, The Clam Bake and Don Pub crawl, just to mention a few upcoming events. We had 8 racers & 2 trainees get up early and drive the 2 hours for the annual SSMPR @ Hunter Mt. The weather was sunny and mid 30’s, the Mt conditions were very favorable for free skiing through the Mt. The race course was challenging as the rain from the beginning of the week make the hill some what icy between the gates.

Thanks to all!

Mike Rachmiel

Race Chairman

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Photos by Hunter Mountain, Larry Ticotin, Wendy Brescia

Photo corrections, scans and gallery created by Larry Ticotin, Webmaster.

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2008 Club Race

19 Mar

On Saturday March 8, 2008 we held our annually Craigmeur Club Race at Pico, VT. The weather was overcast with mix precipitation, lucky the heavy rain held off until the race was finished and everybody heading back to the lodge. This was a record turn out for the race, with 33 children & 24 adults all completing for the chance in winning a Craigmeur Gold Medal.

Some notes from the race, Chuck almost had his best run every, except a gate got in the way of his nose and cause a major crash. Congrats to Craig on finishing 2nd and being a gracious winner. Thanks to Roy for taking all the pictures.

The tailgate party was smartly decided in the morning to be held at the lodge by Tracey. The party as usually had more food & drinks then people, with plenty of hamburgers, dogs, wings, home salads and other snacks. The kids still had fun play games, tag, etc…, the adults were able to get a power nap and others just enjoyed a good conversation.

Thanks to Tracey for her fine efforts and making the event a success! Also I like to thank some of her assistants and cooks, Kurt, Bob, Oliver, Eric and Phil.

Thanks for everybody coming out and making the event so successfully.

Mike Rachmiel
Race Chairman

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Photos by Roy Spierer, Larry Ticotin, Chuck and Laurie Guider

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10 Mar

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: March 10, 2008
next meeting: April 2008

Rep: Chris Budd –

Not much new this month so the report below may look familiar. 

When patronizing retailers / resorts / restaurants in ski country or anywhere else, remember to show your Club membership card with the NJSC member sticker to inquire about discounts and deals.  Also check the new NJSC web site for additional point of sale discounts under the Discount Programs – Membership Direct heading.
Points of interest this month:

NJSC Discount Voucher program is over for the 2007-2008 season.

SUGARBUSH VOUCHERS – BUT if you are looking for Sugarbush vouchers, Swiss Ski Club has a large quantity available for direct purchase.  Please contact Helen Gorina – – to purchase vouchers directly.  Include “NJSC vouchers” in your email subject line.  If your time frame is short, please phone Helen at 908-301-0560 and remember to identify yourself as a NJSC member.
NJSC – 2009 Domestic trip – Breckenridge is confirmed.

Membership Direct offers point of sale discounts directly on the mountian.  Once the info has been up-dated on the NJSC web site, you will be able to print a list of resorts offering discounts.  In the meantime, try the following web sites for additional discounts: – Hunter / Windham combo card – discount card for northeast resorts