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Hoboken/NYC Bike Ride 2008

30 Sep

On Saturday, September 27th, four of us (those ski club members who are not afraid to get wet) headed towards NYC to ride our bicycles. We started out the first four miles smoothly on pretty flat terrain, but then Olivier needed a pit stop to pee and Maryanne needed Chapstick.

Our FIRST STOP. Then we made it up that “great big hill” with no problems for our picture at the bench where it was a good time to rest from the “great big hill”.

STOP #2. The ride across the George Washington Bridge was absolutely beautiful even though there was no sun. The clouds and mist made for great photos. Then a few miles later Craig rode over some staples and had to change a flat tire.

STOP #3. My cheeks hurt so much from laughing as the guys discussed their parts in inches and one of them claimed their kick stand was broken. The other claimed he was sorry to hear that. Then back on track through the city we stopped at Craig’s office.

STOP #4. His office has a view of the Radio City Music Hall’s RED CARPET where all the rich and famous people enter. NOT BAD! I was a relieved to see a ski racing picture next to his computer (even though it was the smallest one of all) after many many vacation photos lined the walls of his office! Then shortly after leaving Craig’s really nice office Olivier got a flat.

STOP #5. By this time the rain was more than a drizzle and we were relieved to be under protection of an overpass while this flat was changed. The guys were discussing who was going to change the girls’ tires if they go flat…..but ours NEVER DID!!! Go Maryanne! Go Diane! But back on the road again we passed Chelsea’s Pier where one of us ran over a runner and knocked off one of his shoes……namely Suzy Chapstick. It really was NOT her fault totally as the runner moved a lane over to avoid someone else landing directly in her path. The runner took it well, but Suzy Chapstick felt really really bad. A few seconds later while riding and chatting I rode almost directly into one of the path dividers and banged my left foot. It was sore for a mile or so, but I got over it. Thank god it was not another runner and only that BIG “VISIBLE” DIVIDER in the middle of the path…DUH! With a few more miles of clean riding we finally made it to the Heartland Brewery for lunch.

STOP #6. Besides the good food, we shared great conversation all around. Craig and I each had two beers (his appeared more maltier than mine). Maryanne topped her lunch off with a pink lemonade spiked with Vodka and Olivier chose his favorite Pecan Pie….all good calories to burn off on our way back to the Ferry! Back onto our bikes through a few city streets we got back on the path that took us to the Ferry totaling our miles for the day at 29.9 plus the block and ½ to the car after the Ferry. All in all it was an absolutely fun, flawless (depending on your thinking), friendly day of riding in the city! So glad I went! Looking forward to next year…rain or shine!

Written by Diane Bogert

Photos by Diane Bogert
Photo gallery created by Larry Ticotin

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Meeting October 1, 2008

29 Sep

Hey everybody!!!

Important info about this week’s (1 October 2008) meeting…
This begins the weekly meeting schedule – Wednesdays – 8pm – The Exchange in Rockaway – Downstairs

Special Guest Bill Thistle – boot fitter –

Bill Thistle grew up in NJ and was introduced to skiing in 1970 at Great Gorge Ski Area. Shortly after he had the good fortune to spend a ski week at Gray Rocks Resort in Canada, which along with the ski movie The Performers shown nightly at the bar, was all it took. The next season he was in Boulder Colorado then Aspen the following winter. Bill studied in the summer at the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts and began applying the principles of movement and mind body coordination learned there to skiing and racing. He became Director of Training at a boarding school in Aspen and then traveled on both the Men’s and Woman’s Pro Ski Tours as a coach and trainer. Bill now shares the technical and equipment knowledge he has gained over the years with skiers looking to improve and get all the enjoyment possible in our wonderful sport.

Bill will be available both before and after the meeting to answer questions as well as take a look at how you stand in your boot and explain how alignment adjustments may instantly improve your skiing. So it would be a good idea to bring your boots.

Written by Craig Desantis

Note from Larry Ticotin: The above 10 minute video is a ski lesson video from our upcoming guest speaker.

Philly 2008 Bike Ride Recap

18 Sep

Ten members/friends of Craigmeur Ski Club ventured down to Philadelphia to take part in the third annual Bike Philly ride that was held on Sunday, September 14, and drew a crowd of over 3,500 participants.  This family-friendly bike tour took us through the historic neighborhoods of Philadelphia, where Ben Franklin waved us on, and through beautiful Fairmount Park.   The area was closed off to traffic so bicyclists could enjoy a car-free bike ride.  It was mostly flat and all paved making for a relaxing pedaling experience. Diane Bogert organized this event, which included a stay at the Philadelphia Chamonix Hostel so that we could be at the event early in the morning.

The event organizers started the bike tour at the bottom of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The Museum is the site of Rocky Balboa’s famous climb, a metaphor for the underdog rising to a challenge.  And rise to a challenge, some of us did. The event gave bicyclists a choice to do distances of 10, 20, 35, or 50 miles.  Some in our group did the 20-mile run, which if we include the 9 mile round trip from the hostel to the starting/finishing point turned out to be almost a 30-mile trip.  A few more adventurous souls such as Olivier Monod, Adele DiBari, Pat Finn, and Maryanne Mecca did the 35-mile run.  John Rodgers (a friend of Glen DeSantis) and Karen Blaine completed the 50-mile run and according to John, Karen kicked his butt going up hills and wowed him with her stamina and strength.

Of course, no event would be a success without food.  The event organizers supplied beverages, snacks, and fruit before the ride as well as at some rest stops along the way. We also enjoyed hot dogs, Philly pretzels, pizza, and various other foods at the finish line.

It looks like bike events are gaining popularity as a summer activity for Craigmeur as more of them are being organized and bringing our members, family, and friends together to enjoy a day or weekend of biking, dining, and fun.  We all agreed that this event was a huge success and that we are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Thank you Adele for picking up the registration labels for everyone.  And a big “Thank you” to Diane for organizing this event and insuring that we all had a great time!

Written by Sue Ticotin

Photos by Larry Ticotin, Diane Bogert, Olivier Monod
Photo gallery created by Larry Ticotin

Video and narration by Diane Bogert.
Movie created and edited by Larry Ticotin.

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16 Sep

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: September 08, 2008
next meeting: October 13, 2008

Rep: Chris Budd –
Welcome Back – the first NJSC monthly meeting of 2008-2009 season was held September 08, 2008.  Next month I will proof the NJSC guidebook listing for Craigmeur Ski Club and give the necessary approval.  Guidebook publication will be completed in October and you can get your NJSC Guidebook copy at the NJSC Jamboree, November 21, 2008 at The Stadium Club, Giants Stadium.  I will also have copies of the guidebook after the November NJSC meeting. 


Our club listing page has also been up-dated to reflect the most current contact information.  Please take a look and advise if any changes need to be made.

When patronizing retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else, remember to show your Club membership card with the NJSC member sticker to inquire about discounts and deals.  Also check the new NJSC web site for additional point of sale discounts under the “Membership Direct” heading.

Points of interest this month:

NJSC membership stickers for the 2008-2009 season will be delivered at the October 2008 meeting and will be placed on the back of your Craigmeur membership card when you renew your dues.  Show this sticker to retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else you patronize to let them know you are a member of NJSC and would like to enjoy any discounts they offer to NJSC members.

Ski Skills Tune Up Day – Saturday December 06, 2008 @ Windham Mtn.
Follow the link to the flyer.  If you are interetsed, please print a copy of the flyer for your reference.  You must sign up with me BEFORE November 29, 2008 as NJSC will only accept Club checks.  See me at any regular meeting.  2008-njsc_skillstuneupday_flyer_12-06-08.pdf 

ASIA / PSIA participation

Amatuer Ski Instructors of America / Professional Ski Instructors of America – if you want to improve your skiing skills, these programs are all highly recommended.  Follow the link to the flyer and print a copy for your reference.  Further information can be found on the NJSC web site.  2008-2009-asia-registration-info-instruction.pdf 

NJSC – Breckenridge, CO – follow the link to the flyer.  There are various levels of lodging options so be sure to review the flyer thoroughly.  If you are interested, sign up soon.  Initial deposit of us$500.00 is required by upon sign up & second payment of us$500.00 is due September 30, 2008.  2009-njsc-breckenridge-flyer.pdf 

NJSC – Jay Peak, VT – the flyer has been on Craigmeur’s web site for about two months.  It’s a great deal with many extras.   2009-new_jersey_ski_council_triptojay_peak.pdf 

NJSC Discount Voucher sign ups will be available thru Chris Budd at most Craigmeur meetings.  Sign ups will begin September 24 2008 & payments will be taken upon sign up.  Sign-up cutoff / voucher delivery dates as follows:

cut-off 10/23/2008 – delivery November 10, 2008
cut-off 11/19/2008 – delivery December 10, 2008
cut-off 12/17/2008 – delivery January 14, 2009
cut-off 1/21/2009 – delivery February 11, 2009

A determination will be made in February 2009 whether vouchers will be available beyond the February 11, 2009 delivery date.  Weather and participation will be determing factors.

An exclusive offer from Killington for the Club Card will be available the NJSC members.  Details are being finalized and will be available after the October 2008 NJSC meeting.  Information will also be available at all Craigmeur regular meetings.

Valle Nevado Chile 2008

03 Sep
Diane, Christine, Oliver and Roy

There is nothing like skiing in Chile during our summer and their winter. Four of us experienced a trip of a lifetime, skiing at a altitude of 12000 ft. on wide open groomed and un-groomed terrain in the heart of the Andes. The staff at our hotel at Valle Nevado, Hotel Tres Puntas were exceptional. They went out of their way to service us in any way they could. Nothing like getting into heated ski boots every morning. The weather was fabulous with temps in the high 20’s to 40 degrees with beautiful sunshine. The short hike over to La Parva (adjoining ski area) was intense but well worth it. Too bad the downhill time trials were cancelled due to wind. Then on to Santiago for such events such as a city tour, winery tour, day trip to ski at Portillo, and a visit to the beach cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. Our stay in Santiago was based at the Hotel Plaza San Francisco where the President of Chile made a appearance during our stay. Lots of native foods such as their seafoods and terrific meats were consumed. And of course visits to the local open air markets for crafts and foods. I must recommend this trip to everyone!! It is a trip that can easily be repeated. Glad to be back on American soil.

Video and narration by Diane Bogert and Roy Spierer.
Movie created and edited by Larry Ticotin.

Photos by Diane Bogert, Roy Spierer
Photo Gallery created by Larry Ticotin.

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