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Pub, Grub and Wine Tour Recap

21 Oct

glenn_birthday.jpgThe idea of doing a pub tour of Vermont had cropped up now and then over the years, but it was Don Taggart who made it happen. Our pub, grub and wine tour actually started the Friday night before when we all arrived at the lodge for this adults only weekend. Beer, wine, and various other spirits flowed as we gathered in the dining room to just kick back. As it so happened, it was Glen DeSantis’s birthday so of course we had to sing “Happy Birthday” and share some birthday cake. One would think that would be enough, but as the night progressed several more choruses of “Happy Birthday” erupted.

Needless to say that by the next morning, several individuals who shall remain nameless were suffering from too much partying the night before and one individual ended up at the hospital. It seems Chuck Emory fell out of his bunk, hit his nose on the chair on the way down, and needed stitches. The doctors worked quickly when they realized the urgency of patching up Chuck so that he could get back in time to board the bus.

tn_dsc_0284_taped.jpgAfter making sure that Chuck was secured in his seat on the bus, our tour departed from the club lodge. Our first stop was the Otter Creek Brewery in Middlebury where we received a personalized tour that explained the finer points of beer making. Afterwards we tasted various samples of their beers and browsed through the store for souvenirs and beer to go.

Our next stop was the Shelburne Winery, which overlooks Lake Champlain. Our group gathered outside next to the vineyards where we spent time sampling the winery’s various wines and snacked on cheese and crackers.

The Magic Hat Brewery in South Burlington was next. We did not take a tour, but went straight to their company store called the “Artifactory,” where the interior décor looked like a snowboarder hangout. Is there any coincidence that they are in Burlington, VT, home of the original snowboard manufacturer, Burton? We hung out for a while for more beer sampling and T-shirt buying.

Next was Switchback Brewery. We were again fortunate to receive a brief talk on their brewing process and sampled their product. The bus ride from place to place was never dull. Just when things would get a little quiet, someone would start to sing “Happy Birthday” to Glen and we’d all join in. This happened quite a few times throughout our journey.

On to the heart of Burlington! We stopped for lunch at the RiRa-Gaelic Pub/Restaurant, which is located in the Church Street Marketplace. The buffet lunch we enjoyed was quite the feast. We had a couple hours to ourselves to shop, walk around, hang out, or visit the nearby Three Needs Brewery Pub and Vermont Pub and Brewery. Then it was back on the bus for the hour ride to our final destination.

The last stop on our tour was for dinner at the Peavine Pub/Restaurant in Stockbridge where many of us dined on their famous flat bead pizza. Glen was surprised once again with a birthday cake and a chorus of “Happy Birthday” from all of us.

d_tag.jpgDon Taggart proved once again that Craigmeur Ski Club is more than just a ski club. The trip was fluid, well organized, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. A big thank you and kudos to Don Taggart for doing such a terrific job on his first organized event for the club. And by the way, Glen…. Happy Birthday!

Written by Sue Ticotin

The following is from Larry Ticotin:

As webmaster, I often receive suggestions, comments, and complaints about the Craigmeur web site. One such comment revealed that too many photos of one individual always seems to dominate our photo galleries. As I explained to this individual, I spend sometimes several hours to sort through and select the best photos, but I can only work with what people give me. As it turns out, it is usually the same folks that are taking pictures. So if you want more variety of photos, please remember to bring your camera to our events. Snap away and I will gladly post your photos. Please click here to view this special photo gallery.

Photos by Larry Ticotin, John Generoso, Wendy Brescia, Susan Priore
Photo Gallery and Video by Larry Ticotin

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Hidden Valley Ski Area Guest Speaker

21 Oct

A message from Larry Ticotin, VP and Webmaster for Craigmeur Ski Club:

On October 15, 2008 the club was fortunate to have guest speaker, Roni Mattiello, Snowsport Director for Hidden Valley Ski Area. Susan Priore obtained this brief outline of important details covered during the meeting (thanks Susan):

With over $750,000.00 in upgrades since October, the new owners of The Hidden Valley Club are expecting a fabulour season.

Our philosophyis to listen to whaat our customers’ needs and expectation are.

Ø We’ve widened the Helenback trail
Ø Updgraded trails
Ø Added 17 new snow cannons, increasing snowmaking capability
Ø The lodge has been newly painted with an effort to preserve the beautiful wood chalet
Ø New roof and gutters enhance the lodge’s beauty
Ø Food and beverage equipment added to our kitchen
Ø New high-quality rental equipment skis, snowboards and boots by Rossignol
Ø New fire sprinkler system installed throughout the lodge
Ø New carpeting in the main rooms of the lodge
Ø 3rd floor restrooms have been completely reconstructed and renovated
Ø 1st floor restroom improvements
Ø Upgraded POS with new ticketing/season pass system
Ø Nightime trail lighting imporovements.

And more things happening every day! Stop by and give it a look!

The Hidden Valley Club’s special non-holiday, Mid-Week Season Pass offer for the NJSC Ski Club’s and their members is only $99 and includes:

1. non-holiday weekday and weeknight skiing
2. each pass holder receives an additional ticket for themselves and each immediate family member for a complimentary day of skiing on any day (weekend & holiday inclusive)
3. Ski Club’s whose members participate in the offer may reserve our “Members Only” private dining room on any 2 weeknights to host their regular club meetings. (or offer it up to the club members to use for a personal event such as a birthday celebration).
4. HVC will offer a reduced cost food package to go along with the room reservation.
5. HVC will offer a discounted night lift ticket to the club members who didn’t purchase their season pass on the night of the club’s event.
Contact your club leaders to order your Hidden Valley Club special season pass!

The Hidden Valley Club is also proud to be the new host mountain to all the NJISRA High School Teams & Leagues for training and races for the 2008-2009 season.

The Hidden Valley Club is excited to be hosting the NJ Ski Council weekly Wednesday Night Races beginning in January and the NJ Ski Coucil Consolation Race is back again.

Consolations Race And Pasta Dinner, Thursday night, Jan. 15, 2009; $34 ticket includes:
Ø 4pm Lift Ticket
Ø 6pm Pasta Dinner
Ø 7pm Race
(only $19 for dinner and race if you already have your season pass!)

New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret!
44 Breakneck Road, PO Box 433, Vernon, NJ 07462 Ph: 973-764-4200

Warren Miller – Children on the Snow

10 Oct

Warren Miller’s 59th annual feature film event highlights world class skiers and snowboarders showcasing their talents in awe inspiring locations including Japan, Austria, Iceland, and more! This years film features snowboarding’s Olympic Gold Medalist Seth Westcott charging down the Alaskan backcountry, surf legend Gerry Lopez shreds the Oregon steeps, Chris Anthony takes on Leadville Colorado’s legendary Skijoring competition and much, much more.

All attendees will receive a free lift ticket vouchers to Gore Mountain . Attendees also receive Warren Miller’s Snow World Magazine and a year’s free subscription to Skiing Magazine. There will also be a raffle give away for some great prizes.

It is showing at two locations: NYC and Philly 

  • NYC: 
    • Sunday, November 2, 2008
      Two shows at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM
    • SyphonySpace 2537 Broadway at 95th Street
  • Philly
    • Saturday, November 15, 2008
      Two shows 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM
      The Academy of Natural Sciences
      19th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway


For locations, hours, phone numbers, directions, ticket prices and additional info visit: Warren Miller Film

Bill Thistle Guest Speaker Recap

08 Oct

On October 1,2008 Bill Thistle, ski boot fitter and guest speaker, visited the club to discuss issues related to boot fitting.

The following are some pointers Diane Bogert received via email correspondence with Bill Thistle:

Here are some of the points and thoughts that underlie the talk given at the ski club meeting Wednesday night.

It’s not your fault!

If you turn better one way than the other . . . It’s not your fault!

If you have a ‘bad’ habit you can’t correct . . . It’s not your fault!

The plastic ski boot determines your stance, your balance and your control.

If the interaction of your ski boot and your leg shape create a balanced stance then skiing is easier and you are in better control.

If the interaction of your ski boot and your leg shape create an unbalanced stance then skiing is more difficult and you have a lack of control.

If you have not had your boots adjusted to compensate for your personal leg shape then your ski technique will be limited by your need to compensate for misalignment caused by the boots.

I am glad that you now have an understanding of how alignment can affect your skiing. You are a most fortunate group of skiers!

That understanding gives you a choice, do you continue to blame yourself and struggle to improve, as you have in the past or do you fault your equipment and have it adjusted to you and create better balance.

Most skiers have not had the opportunity to learn about how alignment affects their skiing giving them no choice but to continue to blame themselves in their struggle to improve.

It is unfortunate that the ski industry fails to understand these things. These are the major reasons contributing to the fact that less than 15% of those that actually go through the effort to get on snow and try skiing become skiers.

It is my hope and my goal that in time, with the help of skiers like you that, the ski industry will come to the realization that alignment matters and then see to it that everyone that makes the effort to try skiing does it well aligned, in balance and with control. We must give everyone a chance to enjoy the wonderful sport of skiing.

Videographer: Diane Bogert
Movie Editor: Larry Ticotin