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NJSC – November meeting report

18 Nov

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: November 10, 2008
next meeting: December 10, 2008

Rep: Chris Budd –
Guidebooks have been published and will be available at the NJSC Jamboree, November 21, 2008 7pm at The Stadium Club, Giants Stadium. I hope everyone plans to make an appearance at the Jamboree.

When patronizing retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else, remember to show your Club membership card with the NJSC member sticker to inquire about discounts and deals.  Also check the new NJSC web site for additional point of sale discounts under the “Membership Direct” heading.

Points of interest this month:

NJSC membership stickers for the 2008-2009 season will be placed on the back of your Craigmeur membership card when you renew your dues. Show this sticker to retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else you patronize to let them know you are a member of NJSC and would like to enjoy any discounts they offer to NJSC members.

Ski Skills Tune Up Day – Saturday December 06, 2008 @ Windham Mtn.
Follow the link to the flyer.  If you are interested, please print a copy of the flyer for your reference.  You must sign up with me BEFORE November 29, 2008 as NJSC will only accept Club checks.  See me at any regular meeting.  2008-njsc_skillstuneupday_flyer_12-06-08.pdf 

ASIA / PSIA participation

Amatuer Ski Instructors of America / Professional Ski Instructors of America – if you want to improve your skiing skills, these programs are all highly recommended.  Follow the link to the flyer and print a copy for your reference.  Further information can be found on the NJSC web site.  2008-2009-asia-registration-info-instruction.pdf 

NJSC – Breckenridge, CO – follow the link to the flyer.  There are various levels of lodging options so be sure to review the flyer thoroughly.  Nearly sold out !!  2009-njsc-breckenridge-flyer.pdf 

NJSC – Jay Peak, VT – the flyer has been on Craigmeur’s web site since late July.  It’s a great deal with many extras and is nearly sold out.  Offer may be extended to other weeks during the season.  2009-new_jersey_ski_council_triptojay_peak.pdf 

An exclusive offer from Killington for the Club Card will be available to NJSC members.  Available directly from Killington via a hidden link at\clubcard or by phoning 800-887-3257.  You must belong to a NJSC memberclub, have a club membership card w/ NJSC sticker & photo ID to collect & use this card.  One card is required for EACH member of your family.  Card is NOT interchangable, meaning someone else CANNOT use your card.  Cut-off date is December 17, 2008, card to be collected at the Snowshed Lodge.  No black out dates.

NJSC Discount Vouchers will be available thru Chris Budd at any Craigmeur meeting.  Sign ups will begin September 24 & payments will be taken upon sign up.  Sign-up cutoff / voucher delivery dates as follows:

cut-off 11/19/2008 – delivery December 10, 2008
cut-off 12/17/2008 – delivery January 14, 2009
cut-off 1/21/2009 – delivery February 11, 2009

A determination will be made in February 2009 whether vouchers will be available beyond the last delivery date.  Weather and participation will be determing factors.


Guest Speaker from Signature Fitness

13 Nov


At last night’s (11/12/2008) meeting we had guest speakers from Signature Fitness.  They provided insight to simple exercises to prepare to the upcoming ski (and snowboard) season.  In literally minutes per week we can easily reduce the “I hurt everywhere” the day after the first day we get back on the slopes.  Our thanks go out to the folks from Signature for taking the time to come and speak.  Check out their website at:


Guest Speaker – Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

12 Nov

Re. Tonight’s Meeting, November 12, 2008.

We have a personal trainer and nutritionist coming in from Signature Fitness to give us some great information about health and fitness as it relates to skiing/snowboarding to help us get ready for the upcoming season.

They will share some great tips and show us some stretching and exercises we can do now to be ready for that first big run down the mountain!!

It will be fun and informative.

Karen Hartman

Craigmeur 2nd Annual Paint Ball Event

08 Nov

Well, it was a gloomy,dreary,misty,and wet day in which 28 paintball toting troops came out to attack the fields at Tuxedo Ridge Ski Area. Once everyone was assembled and ready to ascend the slopes at Tuxedo Ridge, we loaded up in the 6 wheel army troop carrier and took the 4 minute ride up the mountain. During our ascent, our organizer Glenn DeSantis came up with a stunning observation. He officially notified us stating ” There is a bar in the base lodge”. Some of us had just that in mind. Once we exited the troop carrier at the summit and had our briefing from the refs, we were ready to hit the course. And that we did with two teams.

Remember Glenn’s observation about the bar, Ken fox had retained that thought so vividly that as soon as he hit the course, it was a quick 3 minutes before he let out a barage of paintballs and immediately shot another player. That earned Ken a trip to the bar only after a detour to Good Samaritan Hospital for his injury from slipping on a rock. His combat injury consisted of needing stitches for a facial laceration under the left eye. That puts Ken in the pre season injury Hall of Fame with Chuck Emery. All in all, it was a fun day of various paintball games and will definitly be continued as a annual Craigmeur event.

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Ski (and Snowboard) kickoff Party – success!

07 Nov

The season is officially underway!
This past Wednesday’s party was attended by over 70 members.  It began with an excellent recap slide show of the past year’s events skillfully choreographed to music.  This was followed by a continuous silent slide show – thanks to all the photographers and videotographers and to Larry for putting the movie and slide show together.  Of course there were general party activities: eat – drink – talk – repeat.
Time to wax the skis and boards any think SNOW!
See you on the slopes…

Written by Craig Desantis
Photography by Diane Bogert
Gallery created by guess who.

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