Craigmeur Ski Club

Yankee Game

30 Mar

Baseball season is now here and we have the opportunity to go to see the NY Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday July 21st at 7:05pm GROUP SEATS ARE SEVERLY LIMITED so we need to act quickly! The details are as follows:

The total price per person is $40.00. This price is based on 47 people which is the capacity of the bus. The price includes: RT bus transportation from the Rockaway Mall, Parking, Tolls and Driver Tip as well as a grandstand ticket to the stadium. (This price is based on the $68.00 parking fee from last year). If interested, you can also BYOB on the bus.The game is at 7:05 pm with a departure time from the Rockawy Mall at 4:00pm. If interested, Please be ready to pay for your spot at this Wednesday’s meeting which is also refreshment night and our annual elections. THIS TRIP WILL FILL UP FAST!!! So please don’t delay and be left out. If you have any questions, please contact Roy Spierer at any meeting.

Thanks, Roy



Craigmeur’s 4th Annual River Raft/Canoe/BBQ/Camping Trip – 7/31 – 8/2, 2009

30 Mar

Update June 7, 2009: If you are planning on camping, please click here for camping list suggestions: Lee Desantis Camping List

Craigmeur Ski Club’s 4th Annual
River Canoe/Raft/BBQ/Camping Trip
July 31 – August 2, 2009

Well one more year has gone by and we are preparing for yet, another great weekend on the Delaware River! Because last year was such a success, we are looking to do it again. With an expected much larger turnout, we are organizing early.

This year, we will be camping together again allowing us to enjoy the bon fire, food, and company throughout the weekend. We have four sites to set up Olivier’s Food Service, Dia Mon Catering Inc. , Tracy’s second home, as well as the bon fire, and a field to house all the tents and vehicles. Because we are in the field again, we will be able to have a fire in the campsites only. There will be NO fires allowed in the field itself. With last year’s success and all of Lee’s wood, it made a perfect weekend! Feel free to bring marshmallows, snacks and whatever else you would like to enjoy by the camp fire! There will be picnic tables so we can eat together and in the later evening, play Left, Right, Center – with an adult beverage of course!

Olivier has offered his services once again and will be providing Friday evening dinner consisting of pasta, salad, and rolls around 8:30 – 9:00 PM ($5.00 per person). He will be hosting the BBQ on Saturday after the river ride ($10.00 per person) and breakfast on Sunday ($5.00 per person). If you intend to eat, please let me know so we can make sure Olivier cooks enough.

We will be enjoying 8 miles of the river as opposed to 16 like last year. Even though we had a blast, it was a long, long day. We will do the same route as last year where we put our rafts/canoes in the river at the campground and float down to Pond Eddie. At this section, we will get bussed back up to the campground where we can then enjoy the BBQ and other festivities.

If you are interested in joining us, please click on the following link Craigmeur’s 4th Annual River Raft River/Canoe/BBQ/Camping Trip – July 31 – August 2, 2009. You are not committed until payment has been received. So, save the date! Mail your payment along with the Waiver forms or come to any club meeting. Remember, you do not have to be a club member to participate – more the merrier! Ask friends and family.

The deadline for this event is July 29.   Please make sure all your checks are to me no later than this date to ensure proper head count. To confirm your reservation, make sure the following has been completed….

1. Clicked on link and sign up using the Google Form. (NO need to send this to me, I get a copy of it electronically automatically).  Please make sure to fill out one form per individual.

2. Print out an adult release form and/or parent/guardian permission form for each individual who will be camping.

3. Mail two separate checks (one for camping and one for rafting) along with your waiver forms to the address listed or come to any club meeting.

For all details, please view the flyer, 4th Annual Flyer. We look forward to seeing you on the river!

Please print and sign these forms and waiver forms:

4th Annual Flyer
Adult Release Form

Parent Guardian Permission Form 2009

and please complete this form:

Craigmeur’s 4th Annual River Raft River/Canoe/BBQ/Camping Trip – July 31 – August 2, 2009.


Please click here to contact me: Wendy Brescia

2009 Bike New York

30 Mar


To all 5-borough participants…Welcome to Craigmeur’s food sign up sheet for the 5 Borough Bike Tour on May 3, 2009. We are trying something new and exciting designed by Google. It is a sharing feature that will allow us to keep a tab on who is bringing what for the tour date. It will help participants pack accordingly and help others with eliminating duplicate items.

If you intend on riding with us and more importantly, tailgating with us at the end of the ride, please click on this link:

Tailgate party

and follow the simple instructions.  You may need to create a Google account, but it is a simple task.

Once you create an account and log in, it brings you to a screen that looks similar to an email service.  There should only be one option to choose from “5 borough bike tour – May 3, 2009”.  If you click once on this, it will bring you directly to the instruction sheet to help guide you through the process.  The sheet you are currently viewing is highlighted which says “Instruction Details” at the bottom of the page.  Once you have read the instructions, you will see a tab called “Sign Up Sheet” at the bottom of the page next to the tab you are currently on “Instruction Details”.

Click on “Sign Up Sheet” and look for your name.  If your name is not there, feel free to add it to the bottom of the list.  Then look for your item to bring. If your item is not listed on the sheet, feel free to add the item name to the “Other/Misc – Please Specify” column.  Please make sure you type your item on the same row as your name.

If you have any questions with this site, or regarding your items,  please contact me.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing you bright and early on May 3.

Wendy Brescia

(Last year’s tailgate party)

This is Sold-Out.  However, there may be members that purchased vests that cannot make it.  Come out to reqular meetings to find out if any one has extra.

Getting there – two options

1. Meet at the Denville Dunkin Donuts at 4:30am (Look for a bucnh of car/trucks with Bikes – that’s us)

2. Drive direct to Statin Island (about 45-60 minutes from The Exchange). You should plan to be there by 5:30.  Its a few miles to the ferry – We try to catch the 6:00am

  • Rt 80 East
  • Exit 47A to 280 East
  • 280 East to Rt 95 (NJ Turnpike) South
  • Rt 95 South to Exit 13 – Goethals Bridge (Rt 278)
  • Over Goethals bridge and continue on Rt 278  East
  • Exit 15 to Lily Pond Road
  • Left on Lily Pond Road
  • Right on Bay Street
  • Right on Wadsworth Ave

Or, if you have a GPS use address 1 Wadsworth Ave, Staten Island, NY – it’ll bring you right there.

Election Night

30 Mar

The newly elected eboard – will take effect May 6th

President                    Larry Ticotin

Vice President           Craig DeSantis

Co-Vice President     Olivier Monod

Treasurer                   Wendy Brescia

Corresp.Secretary     Diane Bogert

Recording Secretary Amy Stewart

Parliamentarian         Bruce Stewart

Trustees:  2nd of 2yr: Hans Winkler

                                     Herb Winkler

                                     Roy Spierer

                   1st of 2yr: Bob Apgar

                                     Adele DiBari

                                     Karen Hartman

                  Honorary   Louis Biron          

Alta 2009 Ski Trip Recap

26 Mar

Recap by Wendy Brescia:

Well, it is Saturday, February 28 and all but one traveler are getting ready to depart on their plane ride to their final destination of Salt Lake City, UT!  As the day progresses, each traveler arrives at the “Miles House” at the foot of Alta Mountain.  Alta is approximately 10,500 ft. Some of the trails were pretty steep and with the altitude, made you feel a little nauseous.  The “Miles House” was a PERFECT set up for our group of 12!  Most of us shared a room with a buddy and never had to fight for a bathroom.  There was plenty of space where nobody was ever stepping on toes……………………………………..

Please click here to continue this story:  Alta Ski Trip Recap

2009-2010 season – KIDS SKI FOR FREE

25 Mar

Yes, your children can ski for free during the 2009-2010 season.

School age children in 4th thru 7th grade are eligible to participate.

Print a copy of the attached flyer for instructions on how to register your child to Ski For Free
during the 2009-2010 season.

Programs are offered in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Idaho,
Utah, Michigan, and the NorthWest Rockies.

Each program has it’s own age group and requirements so be sure to visit each respective web site for specific details.

Don’t spend extra cash if you don’t have to, let your kids ski for free.

Please click here for more information.

SSMPR @ Hunter MT

24 Mar

This past Saturday March 21 was the 25th annual SSMPR at Hunter MT., the weather was sunny and & warm and a perfect day to race and ski with friends. The Craigmeur team was small but well represented with Mr. Snow East Magazine “Bill”, Larry, Mike, Jay, Kurt, Tracey and the rookie Amanda. Since the team was small we only placed 8th out of 10 teams. We had only one individual award and that was to Amanda who took 3rd in the under 12 class and was the hit of the race as everybody was cheering her on as she approached the finish line.

As the team did not clean up in the race awards but we did take home the grand prize in the drawing, as Tracey won a pair of twin tip skis. Congrats to Tracey and we’ll look forward to see you on the free style team next year.

Thanks to everybody who woke-up at the crack of dawn and made the 2hr plus ride to participate in the race and just have fun!

Well that concludes our 2009 race season, so enjoy the spring & summer and see in the fall for the 2010 race season.

Mike Rachmiel

Race Chairman


Photos by Larry Ticotin & Hunter Mountain
Photo gallery by Larry Ticotin

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Tuxedo Ridge Day – recap

16 Mar

About 29 Craigmeur members and friends spent Saturday, March 14th at Tuxedo Ridge ski area in Tuxedo, NY.  The weather was perfect for a day of spring skiing, boarding, racing, and hanging out.  Thanks to a cool overnight, and what looked like a lot of grroming – the snow held up pretty well until lunch time when the group took a break from the snow for some pizza, shells, and meatballs.  Once everyone was re-fueled we headed back out for a Nastar race – getting to the course was a tad slushy and the middle flat section was a little wet but that didn’t slow anyone down too much.  After the race some people decided to put away the ski boots and enjoy a beverage slopeside while the younger set went back up for more runs.   We finished the afternoon with a “Craigmeur Cake” and some more relaxation in the sun!  Many thanks to everyone who came out to ski locally with the club – it was a lot of fun!

Written by Kimberly Hollister
Photos and gallery by Larry Ticotin

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