Craigmeur Ski Club

Mohonk Hike May 9th – Updated with Photos

21 May


It was raining through the night early May 9th.  Our meet time was 9:00 am,  Minnewaska State Park, rain or shine.  That’s what we said, right?  So get in the car and just do it.    That’s what we’re about anyway.  The first car blew past that cop hiding under the bridge at mile marker 73 on Interstate 87.   The guys ahead  warned us, and we warned the car behind, and so on, and so on.  So there.   That was perhaps the easiest obstacle of the day.  Then there was the $10 initiation fee to the park ranger, the toeing around fat millipedes and bright red efts on the saucy gravel path, and making sure we all stayed focused on three interpretrations of the same trail on three separate maps.  Where are we anyway?  I think that first massive slippery granite boulder served as more than a suggestion.   It was a warning.   Use all fours, possibly five, use your imagination, and stay together.

The rock scrambler surprised us.   It appeared out of practically nowhere.  What is this stuff and how did it get here?   Glacier errata?   Sounds like something it wasn’t.  It was big and hard and cold and covered with wet lichen, sometimes slipppery, sometimes requiring wide uncomfortable, imbalanced steps, sometimes too much fun to be safe at all.  Finally this wanna be mountain released a small, slivering opening for us: The Crevice.   There was only one way out, which of course required navigating between two radon rock walls a few stories high and up long narrow ladders to the top.   This is certainly the little mountain that could.   What a hidden treasure, what stories it told of our earth’s childhood.   Diane’s stamina was held together buy ipod tunes, the names of which reservedly remain nameless for this PG website.  Adele’s blackberry didn’t survive a hit with the rock.  And Kathy’s knees screamed for another surgery.   We made it to the top of the world, or at least the top of the tri-state area, practically unscathed.

The traverse back proved less mountaineering and more orienteering.  If we didn’t pay attention we could become part of this place forever (which wouldn’t be a bad idea at all given it’s beauty).  Just like on chairlifts conversation was easy.   So what was your best age in life, we pondered?   Some said now.   One said age 37.   I said age 11 ’cause that’s when I was still a boy.   I’m a woman now, but climbing around the Shawangunk Ridge in the Hudson Valley somehow brings out the child in me.   It’s easy to remember how good life is on days like this.  It’s good for the mind, it’s good for the soul.   Our next hiking adventure is already being planned.   Hope to see you there.

Organizer of Event and Written by Maryanne Mecca

NJ Ski Council 2008-2009 Season Finale

17 May

The 2008-2009 season final NJSC meeting was held Monday May 11, 2009. 

NJSC Elections were held and the NJSC executive Board incumbents were re-elected with the exception of the Treasurer position, which remains vacant.  Should anyone be interested in volunteering to run for the position of NJSC Treasurer, please contact Chris Budd and you will be put in contact with the proper NJSC members for additional information.

A second opportunity exists with NJSC : Membership Priviledges Chairman – this person runs the NJSC voucher program. An organized and energentic individual is required to fulfill this position.  Please contact Chris Budd and you will be put in contact with the proper NJSC members for additional information.

Be advised Craigmeur surrendered returned member vouchers as required.  Craigmeur exceeded the allowed Sugarbush allotment by seven (7) vouchers.  At this time it is not known what impact this will have on 2009-2010 season Sugarbush up-grades.  As more information is received, membership will be notified.

Please take advantage of the “Kids Ski Free” programs for 2009-2010 offered by several states around the country.  A flyer will be available in future announcements  providing information on enrollment requirements.

Thanks go out to those Craigmenur members who accepted the role of NJSC Rep apprenticeship during the 2008-2009 season.  Their help and commeraderie was greatly appreciated.

Have a great summer.  Next season will be here before you know it !

CLAMBAKE – AUGUST 15th (Saturday)

15 May


ACTIVITIES: Swimming, Fishing, Horseshoes, Softball and Volleyball

MENU: Clams, Burgers, Steaks, Ribs, Corn on the Cob, Salads, Beer, Soda, Snacks, Desserts and Much More!!

RATES for the following will be sent via e-mail to club members:
Member Adults
Non-Member Adults
Children Ages 13-20
Children Ages 7-12
Children Ages 0-6

URGENT HELP IS NEEDED FOR SET UP AND CLEAN UP OF THIS EVENT. SALADS & DESSERTTS ARE ALSO NEEDED. Please contact BOB APGAR to volunteer your time and your best salad and/or dessert creation.

You can sign up for this premier event by attending any meeting on the following dates at THE EXCHANGE May 6th, May 20th, June 3rd, June 17th, July 1st, July 15th or August 5th.

For any further questions, please click here.

BIKE NEW YORK (5 Borough Bike Run) Sunday May 3rd

05 May

What a day! We started out pretty good on Wadsworth Avenue in Staten Island. The first group left and some made it to the 6:00am Ferry. Then some made the 6:30am Ferry. Then we heard someone made the “NEXT” Ferry. By this time some of the group had taken off onto the ride. Once we got going on the ride most stayed together the first 20 miles “or so.” The rain was light for most of the first half. The second half proved to be more “wet.” By the time we returned to Wadsworth Avenue (1:30pm) most of the group had already left having returned just after noon and some were just sitting in their cars awaiting the remainder riders. We were wet, cold and exhausted. All in all I would do it again next year even under these weather conditions. We came for the ride with the high hopes of a BBQ afterwards, BUT the “RIDE” is still the “RIDE!”

Good to see you all once again …. Even at those ridiculous hours of the morning!