Craigmeur Ski Club

Glenn’s 2009 Water Party

23 Jul

Great Day to Ski

Glenn DeSantis’s annual waterskiing party was, once again, an incredible day.  Everyone enjoyed the fun, food, friends, and, of course, the boat rides and water skiing. Thanks go to everyone who contributed the use of their boats, and the DeSantis family for the use of their home and the food and drink that they were gracious enough to serve.

Laughter bellowed across the watertop of the DeSantis’s lake front home as the day wore on, beer runs accomplished and never-before skiers stood on water for the very first time.  No injuries were reported, everyone made it home safe, and the bonds between members were strengthened, once again, during the summer months.  Another Great Day for Craigmeur Ski Club members.

Written by Amy Stewart


Golf Week/Weekend 8/23-8/30

01 Jul

Russ Hollister will once again be opening the Lodge for “Golf Week”.  The Lodge will be open from Saturday, August 23rd through Sunday, August 30th.  You don’t have to golf to come up that week – hikers, bikers, walkers, shoppers, nappers, sun bathers, cold water swimmers, etc… are all welcome.  Lodge reservations should be made the usual way through Kimberly.  Golf tee times are usually set up by Russ Hollister.  Summer rates are as follows:

member $5/night
guest $13/night
child 3-12 $3/night
Rates are just for lodging – no food included.