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Clam Bake August 15th

27 Aug

Hello To all,

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM!!!! Is that a shark?  No!!  Is that a shrimp?  No!!  Is that Talapia on the grill?  Talapia?? – It’s a type of fish!!   Noooo!!!  Then it must be clams—lots and lots and lots of clams—At the annual Clam Bake Party-held Saturday—August 15, 2009—lots of food—lots of fun—lots of sun on a beautiful day at Lake Forest Yacht Club at Lake Hopatcong.  Hats off and cheers to Bob Apgar for being the lead person on this event.  He did a GREAT job!!  There were many others involved who helped out—too many to mention-we know who you are!!! All I could tell you is that it was FUN!!  There was music-there was beer and wine-and a mixer for smoothies. The drink-the kegs—7 (seven) I believe were consumed and all of the food was awesome!!! The clam bake started at 12:00PM and went late into the evening. The kids swam in the lake and there were games played under the deck-did some say beer pong?!  Wow!!!!!  What a Day!!  Thank you Bob Apgar and to all of those who helped put this fantastic day together!!! For those attended we appreciate your support and hope you had a gooooood time—for those who could not make it—we missed you—see you next year—August 21, 2010!!

Take care,

Donald Taggart



Golf Week Lodge Opening Update

12 Aug

There will be a lot of things to do during the Golf Week Lodge Opening (8/23 to 8/30). We just received this information from Susan Priore:

Enjoy a “throw back” event by going to the Castleton RODEO on Saturday, Aug. 29th

You don’t have to golf to enjoy this week, partial week, or just the weekend.

Vermont is GREAT in the summer!

++  GOLF  ++          ++  BIKING  ++          ++  HIKING  ++       ++  HORSEBACK RIDING  ++          ++  RODEO  ++ ++  SHOPPING  ++          ++  SWIMMING HOLE  ++

Please click here to learn more about the Castleton Rodeo.

Sign up with Kimberly Hollister in advance!

Lost Items found at Canoe – Raft -Camping Trip

11 Aug

Mike found 2 pairs of water shoes on the camping trip. He found them in the middle of the parking area. They are a women’s purple and black size 7 and a yellow and black men’s 10.

Ashley Kowzun is holding this item.

In addition there was a blue boy’s hat with raised lettering found at the campground.  It was left behind along with a dark blue squishy ball.

Wendy Brescia is holding these items.

Please claim these items by clicking here to contact us.

Craigstock on the Delaware River!

11 Aug

Word must have spread about how great last year’s rafting camping trip was because this year it was even bigger and better.

This year’s trip was another huge success. What an awesome job Wendy Brescia did in organizing this trip. All sign-up reservations were designed with an on-line tool utilizing Google Docs.

The Craigmeur Ski Club took over the field of Kittatinny campground in Barryville, NY on Friday, July 31st through Sunday, August 2. A little rain never keeps this group from doing anything! As the group started to arrive and set up camp in the large field area, it was first come, first serve for the tents. Tents of all sizes from the smallest to the largest appeared in the field area………….

Please click here to read the rest of this story

Written by Liz Holste



Please do not forget to read “Who’s Behind the Prez??”

Who’s Behind the Prez???

11 Aug

At last year’s camping trip Larry and I brought a couple of gnomes to decorate our tent.  People seemed to enjoy them so this year in addition to the gnomes, I brought a portrait quilt that I had made a few years ago of my husband, Larry Ticotin.  I brought the quilt thinking that people might get a few laughs out of it.

I attached the quilt to the outer edges of the awning in front of our tent.  It didn’t take long before several campers were drawn to this amusing display and came by to get a closer look, take a few photos, and share a laugh or two.  Some were convinced it was really the likeness of Saddam Hussein (there is a strong resemblance), but I never envisioned what a source of entertainment Larry (er… the quilt) would turn out to be.

As we all know, Craigmeurites have never been known to let a good thing or opportunity slip by.

Larry and I were awakened very early Saturday morning to the sound of people laughing, giggling, and talking outside our tent.  We couldn’t quite make out what was going on and I presumed some people must have just discovered the “Larry” quilt.  As I later learned, there was a small parade of men, women, kids, and even a dog taking turns standing behind the quilt to have their picture taken.  The images of Larry’s head with various bodies and poses were hilarious!  The best part was trying to decipher whose body is in the picture.   Enjoy the photos and try your hand at this fun guessing game of………

Who’s Behind the Prez???

Written by Sue Ticotin

Yankee Game – July 21, 2009

06 Aug

We congregated at 3:30 at the Rockaway Mall anxiously awaiting the bus that the wonderful Roy Spierer arranged for our Yankee Game trip.  It arrived at 4pm and we loaded up, coolers, boys and girls, submarine sandwiches, chips, baseball memorabilia and all.

Off we went with a great ride by Andre the bus driver.  We asked for music, we got it.  Bathroom, right in back of the bus.  Prizes given out, announcements made, all in good spirits despite some minor soggy weather.

Traffic cooperated and we landed at the new Yankee Stadium promptly at 5:30pm, plenty of time to tour the stadium, get some eats and drinks and find our seats way up high.  The game was slightly delayed, but nobody minded.

The Yankees were red hot but it was a close game with Baltimore, with the Yanks finally winning 6 to 4.

Thank you Roy and Lindsay (his daughter who has the connections with the stadium since she works there) for coordinating such a fun time in the middle of the work week.  Once again, another fantastic social event run by the Craigmeur Ski Club.  Also thanks to those attending – all with good cheer and resourcefulness.

Written by Adele DiBari

Photos by Larry Ticotin, Sue Ticotin, Diane Bogert, Roy Spierer, Wendy Brescia

Jackson Hole Wyoming – February 6 – 13, 2010

05 Aug

Attached is the flyer with all the information for our trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming next year. I have been able to keep the price low.  We are currently looking at $1,000 per/person.  This is a fantastic price and Jackson Hole is one of the worlds greatest Ski Area’s.

Please email me with any questions you may have.

NOTE: I need a $50 deposit to reserve all of our flight reservations which I have made.  This  deposit is fully refundable up to 89 days prior to departure.  However, I do need the deposit ASAP.

I reserved 20 seats.

Please click here to view Craigmeur_Jackson_Hole_Trip_20101 Flyer

Thank You,
Dwight Mann
Please click here to contact me.