Craigmeur Ski Club

Bowling/Pizza Party – November 7, 2009

30 Sep


It’s time for another Pizza/ Bowling Party! This year’s event promises to be as successful as other events the club has run with a high turnout!   I decided not to take a chance on running out of bowling lanes this year – so as they say in Snow Boarding language – we are going BIG! I have reserved the entire 24 lanes of the Rockaway Bowling Lanes for this event! The fun starts at 7:45 pm and ends at 9:45 pm

The event is open to members, families, and friends. The cut off date has been extended to November 4, 2009. Please attend the Kick Off Party to reserve your spot. However, once we fill up all 24 lanes with a minimum of 4 people per lane, I will be unable to accept any more reservations.

The cost is only $20.00 person and includes:

  • Unlimited Bowling
  • Shoes
  • Pizza
  • Soda

This year’s club events have enjoyed  record participati0n.  Two years ago I ran this event and everyone had fun. This year I am running this event again because of all of the requests to bring it back. So for good times and spending some quality time with family and friends, plan on joining us for Bowling and Pizza night.

Please click on the poster or the link below to print your application and follow the instructions on the form for mailing in your reservation. Hurry! Don’t be left out! Sign up now before it’s too late!

Larry Ticotin
President, Craigmeur Ski Club

Please click here to print an application.

NJSC Ski Jamboree – Friday, October 30th

29 Sep

Mark your calendars for the NJSC Ski and Snowboard
Jamboree at the Hanover Marriot, Whippany, NJ on
October 30, 2009. This exciting event will feature various
Ski Mountains and include tips to save money. The show
starts at 7 pm. There will be dancing to a live DJ from 9 to
12 pm.  Please visit:

Important: we are looking for people to join us at our
Jamboree booth and devote a half hour or more. All you
have to do is share with visitors what you like about
Craigmeur Ski Club. Please show your support for
Craigmeur Ski Club and NJSC by signing up to help us.
Simply visit the following form created by MaryAnne
Mecca and sign up with a free Google Account with the
email address this message has been sent to:

Larry Ticotin
Craigmeur Ski Club

Please click here for information.

Fun in the Curves

28 Sep


Like any good out door activity, the day of (and actually the whole week leading up to) the ride I crossed my fingers and checked the weather report again hoping that they had not changed it while I slept, dreaming of laying the bike low through the turns and twisting the throttle. Thrilled to see not a single cloud in the sky and mid 70 degree day in front of us, we headed out the door . . . and froze our butts off on the way to Jefferson diner first thing in the morning! Eating breakfast while the rest of the riders rolled in, thinking we would have an intimate group of 5 or 6 turned into 11 bikes and 13 riders, Heather DeSantis and Liam Brennan rode back seat to join in the fun, it is a family club after all. As the sun climbed higher over the trees, warming the day, we all fired up the engines around 10am, and our interesting mix of club members and friends hit the road.

Playing in the curves within the first few miles we wound our way through northern Jersey. We avoided the traffic prone roads for the less traveled (and less straight) county roads. Some mild confusion at the Dingmans bridge (will they ever except EZ pass there?). At the first pit stop just into PA some riders were showing off their new scratches on hard parts (considered badges of honor) that got dragged through the curves while leaning the bikes over. Then it was time for some more roads that seemed designed with the motorcycle in mind, up route 739 and across on route 434. It seemed like a never ending parade of yellow and black curved road signs, even a huge 4’ x 8’ one on 739 for anyone not paying attention. A stop over at Shahola falls had us all walking down a woodland path for 5 minutes to check out a neat multi level water fall hidden in the woods. There was a nicely built overlook and a fence to keep everyone on the safer side of things, but of course most of us ended up out on the rocks, inches from the water. Some even took a moment to pose for a picture next to the “danger” sign. A short ride from there to Milford, PA and the heart of any good motorcycle ride . . . lunch!

With our stomachs full (at least those of us able to eat solid food, sorry Diane, I had to throw that in there!) we journeyed on. Back into NJ, we worked our way over to route 23 and cleared out the pipes heading up the hill into high point. Stopping off at the monument Pat, Liam, and Bill felt the need to climb the many stairs too be unquestionably at the “highest point” in NJ and were rewarded with some really great views. We took a more relaxed time coming down the hill with a 4 mile ride through the woods on Sawmill road. At a finally pit stop along route 23 we all gassed up and said our good byes for now, with plans of riding together again soon. Finding a few more curves on the way back towards the diner we wrapped up a perfect riding day covering about 140 miles.

Thanks Bill and Diane for the photos, Olivier for bringing up the rear to keep the group together. Also thanks to all who joined in, a great ride is always made better when shared.

Written by Lee DeSantis

Hidden Valley Special Offer

24 Sep


We’ve sent out the info to all NJSC clubs regarding our special pass offer for them.
They can purchase their Ski Club pass for $129 until 10/30/09. After 10/30 the price will increase to $169.

This pass is a non-holiday weekday and any night (including holiday nights) pass. Anyone purchasing this pass will be entitled to 1 free group lesson and if they have a minimum of 5 people from their club who purchase it, they will be able to reserve a coach for one 2-hour clinic in an evening with pre-arrangement.

For regular WNRL, racing fee will probably be $12.

Anyone without a season pass, any night, ticket will be $25 (same as last year) They will definitely benefit from purchasing the pass, especially before 9/30!

We are also offering a NJSC discount day on Thursday’s. 50% off our 9am-5pm daily ticket price of $24, making it $12!

I guess we can go with the $20 training fee on Monday nights. Keep in mind that if a club has 5 people purchase the Ski Club Pass, those people will be entitled to 1 free 2-hr race training session.

Roni Mattiello
Snowsport Director
P: 973-764-4200 ext 210
F: 973-764-3313

Bike Philly 2009

22 Sep

(Please click images to enlarge)

Liz Holtze, Oliver Monod and I (Diane Bogert) headed up early Saturday afternoon to Philadelphia to try Philly’s popular cheese steaks from Geno’s and Pat’s off 9th Street.  The bread was definitely fresher at one and the people were nicer.  As it turns out the resident doctor in Hahnemann University Hospital claims the best cheese steaks are on South Street at Jim’s which we happened to see when we drove to South Street for a beer and dessert.   Sunday morning Don Taggart met us at the start of the ride by the Museum which he later did his Rocky “thing” on the stairs and Liz watched while Oliver and I spent the afternoon in the emergency room.  John and Kelly Mecca also met up with us at the museum and rode about 7 or 8 miles with us at the beginning of the ride.  Just a few miles later I decided to use my hands to explain the course decision to go right or straight off the Strawberry Mansion Bridge just ahead if one chose the 20 or 35 or 50 mile ride.  The bad choice of talking with my right hand and using my left to break caused me to “face plant” the bridge when I had to stop suddenly for congestion.   Don took charge by getting help and sacrificing a shirt for my comfort and overflow of blood.  Olivier came from behind and was able to take the ambulance ride with me.  Don and Liz took care of the two bikes left and continued the ride.  But Liz stood by the whole day and got Olivier out of the hospital for lunch at the Market by the Convention Center while Diane took on five sets of x-rays.   VERDICT:  Broken Jaw, sprained right shoulder, stitches in chin, chipped front tooth, abrasions and bruises everywhere.  DIET:  Strict soft diet for 6 weeks.  LESSON LEARNED:  Use both hands on both brakes when stopping…DUH!

All in all, this ride is one of my FAVORITES and I will continue to promote Bike Philly.  It caters to all levels of riding and kids are welcome.  And the scenery is Philadelphia…HELLO!  Plus the Chamounix Hostel is a perfect place for the club to rest their heads the night before after enjoying the food and drink in the streets of Philly.  Can’t wait to ride with Craig in New York soon!  I promise to use both hand brakes!

Written by Diane Bogert

NJSC Sept 2009 up-date

21 Sep

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: September 14, 2009
next meeting: October 12, 2009

Rep: Chris Budd –

Welcome Back – the first NJSC monthly meeting of 2009-2010 season was held September 14, 2009. I have received a proof for the NJSC guidebook listing for Craigmeur Ski Club and will give the necessary approval to publish. Guidebook publication will be completed in October and you can get your NJSC Guidebook copy at the NJSC Jamboree, October 30, 2009 at The Hanover Marriott.  I will also have copies of the guidebook after the November NJSC meeting.

Our club listing page has also been up-dated to reflect the most current contact information.  Please take a look and advise if any changes need to be made.

When patronizing retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else, remember to show your Club membership card with the NJSC member sticker to inquire about discounts and deals.  Also check the new NJSC web site for additional point of sale discounts under the “Membership Direct” heading.

Points of interest this month:

NJSC Jamboree – Friday October 30, 2009 at the Hanover Marriott, Route 10 East.  Exhibits will run from 7pm – 10pm, dance party & social mixer will run from 9pm – closing (midnight-ish).  Admission & parking are free.  There is an Irish pub on premises to purchase a meal if you are hungry or a beverage if you are thirsty.   2009 NJSC JAMBOREE FLYER

NJSC membership stickers for the 2009-2010 season have been delivered at the Sept 2009 meeting and will be placed on the back of your Craigmeur membership card when you renew your dues.  Show this sticker to retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else you patronize to let them know you are a member of NJSC and would like to enjoy any discounts they offer to NJSC members.

Ski Skills Tune Up Day – Saturday December 05, 2009 @ Windham Mtn.
We are waiting for the flyer to be published.  If you are interetsed, please print a copy of the flyer for your reference.  You must sign up with me BEFORE November 25, 2009 as NJSC will only accept Club checks.  See me at any regular meeting.

ASIA / PSIA participation

Amatuer Ski Instructors of America / Professional Ski Instructors of America – if you want to improve your skiing skills, these programs are all highly recommended.  Follow the link to the flyer and print a copy for your reference.  Further information can be found on the NJSC web site.  2009 NJSC ASIA PROGRAM FLYER


NJSC – Steamboat, CO – Feb 20-27, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer.  There are various levels of  lodging options so be sure to review the flyer thoroughly.  If you are interested, sign up soon.  Initial deposit of us$100.00 is required by upon sign up & second payment of us$500.00 is due September 30, 2009.  2010 NJSC STEAMBOAT FLYER

NJSC – Jay Peak, VT – Feb 07 – 12, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer.  Last chance to stay at the Hotel Jay before being replaced by new construction.  It’s a great deal with many extras. 2010 JAY PEAK FLYER

Hudson Valley Ski Club – Breckenridge Jan 23-20, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer. 2010 HUDSON VALLEY BRECKENRIDGE FLYER

Morris County Ski Club – Hakuba, Japan – Jan 23-31, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer. 2010 MORRIS COUNTY JAPAN FLYER


An exclusive offer from Killington for the Club Card will be available to NJSC members.  Available directly from Killington via a hidden link at\clubcard or by phoning 800-887-3257.  You must belong to a NJSC member club, have a club membership card w/ NJSC sticker & photo ID to collect & use this card.  This year the card will allow the holder to purchase up to 4 tickets per day on one card.  Cut-off date is December 15, 2009, card to be collected at the Snowshed Lodge.  No black out dates.  Follow the link above for complete details and the price change after December 16, 2009.

Kids Ski Free programs – follow the link to the flyer – offers vary for fourth thru seventh graders.  Each state has unique requirements.  Follow the links in each flyer for add’l info. KIDS SKI FOR FREE PROGRAMS

NJSC Discount Vouchers will be available thru Chris Budd at any Craigmeur meeting.  Sign ups will begin October 7, 2009 & payments are taken upon sign up.  Sign-up cutoff / voucher  delivery dates as follows:

cut-off 10/21/2009 – delivery November 11, 2009
cut-off 11/18/2009 – delivery December 14, 2009
cut-off 12/23/2009 – delivery January 13, 2010
cut-off 01/20/2010 – delivery February 10, 2010

A determination will be made in February 2010 whether vouchers will be available beyond the last delivery date.  Weather and participation will be determing factors.

Christmas Spectacular – December 10, 2009

21 Sep

Join us for a bus trip to Radio City Music Hall, NYC

For the Christmas Spectacular

Thursday, Dec. 10th Showtime 5:00pm


Bus will leave from Denville at 2:30pm

Cedar Lake Community Club
134 Cedar Lake East
Denville, NJ 07834

Sandwich and beverage pack provided on bus

Seats are located in FRONT MEZZANINE, one section off center!
Cost per ticket is $90 and includes show, transportation & popcorn in the theatre!


The bus should return to Denville between 8:30 – 9:00 pm

The last day to order tickets is Wednesday., October 7, 2009

Tickets are limited, please reserve quickly!!

To reserve your tickets, checks will be accepted at the next meeting on October 7, 2009 or you can mail to Susan Priore to 112 Hillcrest Drive | Denville, NJ 07834. Please make checks payable to Susan Priore. If you are mailing your check please include an email address and Susan will send a receipt confirmation when your check has been received.

Additional questions? Call or email Susan Priore or (973) 725-9747.

LinkedIn Presentation – October 21st Meeting

21 Sep

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 48 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world. A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second! Social media has changed the dynamics of communication and much like Email using social media is no longer an option; it’s necessary to help market yourself and your company.

At the October 21st meeting, 8 pm, at the Exchange Restaurant, Rockaway, NJ, Linda Terjesen, Marketing Strategist and President of LT Consulting. LLC will present an overview of LinkedIn to help you understand:

  1. The basics of using LinkedIn
  2. How to set up an effective profile
  3. How to use the new technology resources and tools efficiently and effectively
  4. How to create/leverage your social media marketing strategy to expand reach and build your online brand

Linda Terjesen is president and founder of LT Consulting, LLC a marketing consulting firm that provides strategic marketing and market research solutions for clients ranging from fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. She specializes in using social media marketing strategy and online branding to support her client’s business development needs.

Third Annual Fall NYC Bike Ride – September 26, 2009

19 Sep

Last Year’s Group shot….

Come out and join us on the Third Annual Fall NYC Bike Ride, Saturday, September 26, 2009! We will meet at 8:00am at the Denville Dunkin’ Donuts(same D&D many of us meet for Bike New York each May) and drive to Hoboken and parking at the Weehawken Port Imperial Ferry.   The first leg will take us along the Hudson River on River Road in NJ including a one mile hill at the end climbing over 200 feet from river level to the upper deck of the GWB!  First pitstop to regroup.  We then cross the GWB and ride the Greenway (a dedicated ped/bike path) along the Hudson on the NYC side all the way to the southern tip of Manhattan.  And then the best part, like many SkiClub events the best part, we end up somewhere for refreshments ! The SouthStreet location of a NY Micro Brewery – The Heartland Brewery.   Good Food and Great Refreshments.


After lunch we retrace our ride back to 39th Street and take the New York Waterway Ferry back to New Jersey.

Important: Although about 1/3 of this ride is on a paved dedicated bike/pedestrian path, the rest is on city streets. Most of the remaining 2/3 is on River Road, minimal traffic and a 2-3′ shoulder. There are three sections that auto traffic will be heavier; from the GWB to the Greenway (3/4 mile) and from the Greenway to SouthStreet Seaport (1/2 Mile). With this in mind, this ride is for riders experienced with cycling on roads with auto traffic; kids are not recommended.

The basic ride is about 30 miles. There are a couple of variations depending on number of participants, we may opt to ride a loop thru Central Park, adding 5 miles (and additional riding with auto traffic). For those very ambitious on the way to the ferry may opt to continue to retrace the entire ride on the Greenway back to the GWB, cross, and back down River Road to the hoboken – this will total about 45 miles. Be sure to bring water bottle/cage, CammelBak, etc… and a strong bike lock – needed when we stoop for lunch, remember we are in NY.  I have two extra that are available to the first two requests. Also recommended: patch kit/spare tube, helmet.

If cannot meet us at the D&D we are parking at the Weehawken Port Imperial Ferry – directions:

  • Rt. 46 east to Rt. 3 east to Rt. 495 east
  • Exit at Weehawken (last exit in NJ)
  • At the traffic light keep right of ramp and continue through traffic light bear right
  • At the next light (Baldwin Ave.) make a left
  • Proceed over the railroad tracks and make an immediate left onto Pershing Road
  • Follow road to ferry terminal about 1/2 mile


Costs: Parking: about $10/car Ferry: $8.75/person for ferry including bike, Lunch: sandwiches/entrées: $10-$20, Beverages  ~ $5/pint I will be at most meeting to answer any questions. You can also email me at Craig DeSantis


Please click on maps to enlarge

Click here to view last years photos….