Craigmeur Ski Club

Warren Miller Film “Dynasty” November 22nd

26 Oct

Be sure to kick off your winter season and get inspired to hit the hills when Warren Miller’s newest 2009 film, Dynasty, comes to Symphony Space, 95th and Broadway, 5 PM and 8 PM ,Sunday, November 22, 2009.

Warren Miller’s 60th annual feature film event highlights world class skiers and snowboarders showcasing their talents in awe inspiring locations. This year’s film takes you on a breathtaking global tour of some of the world’s most impressive terrain, including Alaska, Norway, California, Colorado, China, British Columbia and more.  Join Chris Anthony as he treks into China’s interior on a search for the birthplace of skiing, and get a rare look at historic clips from Warren Miller’s vault of vintage footage.

All attendees will receive a free lift ticket vouchers
(some restrictions apply) to Gore Mountain and Jiminy Peak. Attendees also receive Warren MillerÂ’s Snow World Magazine and a yearÂ’s free subscription to Skiing Magazine. There will also be a raffle give away for some great prizes.

Tickets, $21 in advance, ($16 students with school ID) or on day of the show $24 (students $19) are available at:

For locations, hours, phone numbers, directions, ticket prices and additional info visit:

Greenwood Lake Hike – Recap

22 Oct

We woke up to a cold, drizzly morning Sunday, October 18th and wondered if there would still be a hike.   After checking the infamous Craigmeur website, we realized that the trip was still on.  Piles of hiking clothes later, the small group all met up at the A&P in West Milford.  Upon arriving at the entrance to the trail around 9AM, we took two group shots…one of the men, and one of the women.  That photo made the women become known as the Skittles Girls because of our jackets. However, the men were in boring nuetral colours, so they did not get a special nickname. The hike began with a rather steep assent to the mountain ridge where the elevation remained generally constant except for the occasional pile of boulders that the trail designers thought would be a clever joke to have hikers climb over instead of going around. However, our kind hiking guide stopped every ten minutes or so to let those of us who hadn’t hiked in a while to take a few minutes to take a breather and get their bearings.  Not far into the hike, we passed along a solitary flannel jacket hanging on a branch. Being in the funny mood we were, we decided to leave a note for the jackets owner…”If a jacket falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Although it was cold and drizzly, everyone was in high spirits the whole hike. Everyone got a chance to be the hike guide even though Hans was the only one that had been on the trail before.  Even Diane was able to play leader even though at first she had no idea how we all knew our way through the woods.  Once she learned about the trail markers, she did wonderfully, though.  Around 11:30, our stomachs started rumbling, and just when we thought we got to the Overlook, we found a surprise…Surprise Lake! Hans wasn’t surprised, though. He was able to guide us to the perfect lunch spot at the Overlook out of the wind and drizzle. Although the hike up was pretty difficult even for the most stable of hikers who tend to slide off boulders *cough*Lee*cough*, the hike back was much easier for it was more downhill or level-grounded. From the different group members I chatted with through the trip, we all enjoyed the scenery.  The overcast day made the leaves that much prettier…especially the fallen ones.  At the end, we were all exhausted, but very glad that we had braved the elements on the hike of Greenwood Lake!

~Heather De Santis

Keep a look out for the great foliage photos…and hikers, too!


2009-2010 Lodge Reservations

22 Oct

Hard to believe its that time of year again – time for the first round of reservations for the Lodge.

Reservations for 12/3 through 1/3 will be taken starting November 1st at 12:00am.  

  • – Reservations will be processed to maximize occupancy at the Lodge in a first come first serve basis. 
  • – Email will continue to be my preferred method for reservations.
  • – Please note if your email is received prior to 12:00am you will be moved to the end of the list
  • – Please also note that emailing one copy of your request is enough – if I get more than two requests with the same information your priority will be lowered

A couple of notes:

  • – Open House 12/4-6 - reduced rate for members and guests
  • – 12/11-13 – reduced rate for members and guests
  • – 12/18-19 – reducted rates for members and guests
  • – Check out the calendar for available dates – any long weekends that I know about the house being open are already posted.

LinkedIn Presentation – Recap

22 Oct

October 21st Meeting:

Linda Terjesen from LT Consulting, LLC “Using Social Media to Build your Personal Brand and your Business”.

LinkedIn is the largest business networking site on the web.  All of your business networking activities can be done on the site.  LinkedIn lets you market yourself.  LinkedIn and networking sites are the reality in the marketplace.  A half hour a week or less keeps your site active and attractive.  LinkedIn is free, but does have premium business services or a fee.  So, create a profile, upload a picture, create a tag line, post your bio and send out notices.  LinkedIn will generate a varied data base of people that you know so you can ask for referrals, contacts, create a professional community so you can move your business or career forward.

Written by Amy Stewart

Here is more information from Linda Terjesen:

Using Social Media Strategically
To Build Your Personal Brand and Leverage Your Business


19 Oct

NJSC Monthly Report

meeting date: October 12, 2009
next meeting: November 09, 2009

Rep: Chris Budd –

OK, NJSC is heavily promoting the Jamboree, October 30, 2009 at The Hanover Marriott. The event is always great fun with a silent auction, a Chinese auction, resort info about the up-coming season and lots of give-aways ! As always, copies of the NJSC 2009-2010 Guidebook will be available at the Jamboree and I will also have copies after the November NJSC meeting to distribute at Craigmeur’s regular meetings.

If you can volunteer one hour of time to assist NJSC staff at the Jamboree, please see Chris Budd at any regular club meeting. All help is greatly appreciated.

Our club listing page has also been up-dated to reflect the most current contact information. Please take a look and advise if any changes need to be made.

When patronizing retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else, remember to show your Club membership card with the NJSC member sticker to inquire about discounts and deals. Also check the new NJSC web site for additional point of sale discounts under the “Membership Direct” heading.

Points of interest this month:

NJSC Jamboree – Friday October 30, 2009 at the Hanover Marriott, Route 10 East. Exhibits will run from 7pm – 10pm, dance party & social mixer will run from 9pm – closing (midnight-ish). Admission & parking are free. There is an Irish pub on premises to purchase a meal if you are hungry or a beverage if you are thirsty. 2009 NJSC JAMBOREE FLYER

NJSC membership stickers for the 2009-2010 season have been delivered to Craigmeur’s Membership Chairperson and will be placed on the back of your Craigmeur membership card when you renew your dues. Show this sticker to retailers / resorts / restuarants in ski country or anywhere else you patronize to let them know you are a member of NJSC and would like to enjoy any discounts they offer to NJSC members.

Ski Skills Tune Up Day – Saturday December 05, 2009 @ Windham Mtn.
See the attached flyer. If you are interested, please print a copy of the flyer for your reference. You must sign up with Chris Budd BEFORE November 25, 2009 as NJSC will only accept Club checks. See Chris Budd at any regular meeting. 2009 NJSC SKI SKILLS TUNE UP FLYER

ASIA / PSIA participation

Amatuer Ski Instructors of America / Professional Ski Instructors of America – if you want to improve your skiing skills, these programs are all highly recommended. Follow the link to the flyer and print a copy for your reference. Further information can be found on the NJSC web site. 2009 NJSC ASIA PROGRAM FLYER


SOLD OUT !! NJSC – Steamboat, CO – Feb 20-27, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer. There are various levels of lodging options so be sure to review the flyer thoroughly. If you are interested, sign up soon. Initial deposit of us$100.00 is required by upon sign up & second payment of us$500.00 is due September 30, 2009. 2010 NJSC STEAMBOAT FLYER

SOLD OUT !! NJSC – Jay Peak, VT – Feb 07 – 12, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer. Last chance to stay at the Hotel Jay before being replaced by new construction. It’s a great deal with many extras. 2010 JAY PEAK FLYER

Hudson Valley Ski Club – Breckenridge Jan 23-20, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer. 2010 HUDSON VALLEY BRECKENRIDGE FLYER

Morris County Ski Club – Hakuba, Japan – Jan 23-31, 2010 – follow the link to the flyer. 2010 MORRIS COUNTY JAPAN FLYER


An exclusive offer from Killington for the Club Card will be available to NJSC members. Available directly from Killington via a hidden link at\clubcard or by phoning 800-887-3257. You must belong to a NJSC member club, have a club membership card w/ NJSC sticker & photo ID to collect & use this card. This year the card will allow the holder to purchase up to 4 tickets per day on one card. Cut-off date is December 15, 2009, card to be collected at the Snowshed Lodge. No black out dates. Follow the link above for complete details and the price change after December 16, 2009.

Kids Ski Free programs – follow the link to the flyer – offers vary for fourth thru seventh graders. Each state has unique requirements. Follow the links in each flyer for add’l info. KIDS SKI FOR FREE PROGRAMS

NJSC Discount Vouchers will be available thru Chris Budd at any Craigmeur meeting. Sign ups will begin October 7, 2009 & payments are taken upon sign up. Sign-up cutoff / voucher delivery dates as follows:

cut-off 10/21/2009 – delivery November 11, 2009
cut-off 11/18/2009 – delivery December 14, 2009
cut-off 12/23/2009 – delivery January 13, 2010
cut-off 01/20/2010 – delivery February 10, 2010

A determination will be made in February 2010 whether vouchers will be available beyond the last delivery date. Weather and participation will be determing factors.

Other Discounts or Trip Offers:

Basin Sports Shops on the Killington Access Road is offering several discounts to NJSC members. Refer to the attached flyer & be sure to show your Craigmeur membership card with the NJSC sticker on the back to receive the corresponding discount. 2009 BASIN SKI SHOP DISCOUNT OFFER

Jay Peaks – super deals flyer – If you missed the NJSC Jay Peak trip, here is a flyer with similar trips on several different dates. Prices and dates are almost too good to pass up. Print a copy & contact Ski The Peaks for additional info and availability. 2010 JAY PEAK PACKAGE INFO

Bill Thistle – RECAP – Oct. 14th, 2009

15 Oct


Guest Speaker BILL THISTLE from Performance Alignment Systems, spoke on boot fitting and technique.  A very important factor in skiing success are foot beds.  The purpose of beds is that they hold the foot in the proper position.  He had members in attendance perform an exercise to feel how the foot helps in the turns.  He explained that the changes in technology have changed instruction, technique and ability.  “Focus on the center mass” and core muscles (stomach and lower back) is now the norm for proper body placement and movement.  Boot flex is more important than ever and stiff boots are no longer desirable.

Bill’s advice and expertise was well received by all!  Thank you Bill for taking the time to share with Craigmeur Ski Club!

You  can meet up with Bill Thistle at High Country for all your boot fitting needs until mid November.

Written by Amy Stewart

“Proper” Ski Technique with Bill Thistle – October 14th Meeting

08 Oct
Skiing: Then and Now
 Is it really the same sport that I grew up with?
The recent technological advances in ski equipment design have changed and increased the forces placed upon the skiers body. With these increased forces, proper movement patterns as well as, correct alignment is more important than ever in maximizing enjoyment and preventing injury  .
This presentation will provide not only an introduction to the sport of skiing and ski technique but will review the history of, as well as, the most recent innovations in equipment technology and how this “game improvement technology” can be best enjoyed. The talk will examine the performance and injury issues raised by these advances and discuss how skiers, both new and experienced, can more safely enjoy our wonderful sport.
Correct movement patterns and their relationship to “proper” ski technique will be presented in a new and understandable way. The presentation will provide skiers, regardless of skiing experience, information that they can immediately apply to their own skiing, improving control while reducing effort necessary to get down the hill.