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Archive for March, 2010

Pico 2010 Club Race – More Photos

Posted by Larry Ticotin, Webmaster on March 19th, 2010

Here are some more photos from the club race.  I added one photo by accident.  I think it may be Roy with a basket on his back. It does not belong in the group. Can you guess which one?

Craig “meur” takes First @ Pico Club Race

Posted by Mike Rachmiel on March 17th, 2010

On Saturday March 6, 2010 we had the annual Craigmeur Ski Club race @ Pico, VT  Let me first say, that the snow gods were looking down on us, as the weather was blue skies, 45 degrees and sunny. We had 54 combine racers, girls, boys, women, men, cougars, studs, chicks, old men, and ladies. You name it, we had it and they were all there to race. Competition was fierce but seemed more relaxed than in prior years, no pre-race waxing, no race suits, no verbal jabbing only a couple of new race skis. In all everybody was smiling and laughing since no times were posted or announced. Some blame the no times on the race chairmen to increase the suspense for award banquet at the lodge and to drive the competitor’s crazy, which he did. The award banquet was fabulous with a past dinner, plenty alcohol, but no trashing talking more of “I think did okay”, and we had two separate ceremonies for the children and adults.

Special thanks to our favorite caters “Diamon”, aka Diane & Oliver. Let alone all our club members were looking  forward to this post race barbeque, but the Pico race club always enjoys hosting our race,  so they can also share in the festivities. Also a big thanks to Roy for taking all pictures of the racers and to my assistant & ski buddy Chris Budd jr. who I will go on the record will smoke his dad next year.

In closing, thanks to all the competitors who came raced, ate and just had plain old fun. So train hard and see you all next year.

2010 Craigmeur Ski Club Print Results

Mike Rachmiel

Race Chairman

March 17th General Meeting AT SCERBO’S in Wharton

Posted by Diane Bogert on March 16th, 2010

Please keep in mind that the GENERAL MEETING on March 17th will be at Scerbo’s Italian Restaurant.

Scerbo’s Italian Restaurant
47 Kossuth Street
Wharton, 07885

(Same place as the December 9th, 2009 meeting)

Printable Driections ==> Link

Tuxedo Ridge Ski Day Recap

Posted by Larry Ticotin, Webmaster on March 9th, 2010

Kim Hollister’s local ski event was a success despite the weather. Believe it or not there was too much snow! The ski area was hardly up to capacity because local roads had been closed for two days because of a state of emergency. The owner of Tuxedo Ridge was even directing traffic because the ski area was short of help.

Many members enjoyed spending time with each other at this local ski area. However we were unable to have the planned race because the racecourse was not groomed. Although many members enjoyed going through deep snow where the course was supposed to be. Kim was able to get the ski area to put up a special practice slalom course exclusively for Craigmeur Ski Club members. Many members took advantage of it and honed their skills for the club race at Pico.

Rock Climbing – April 20th (Tuesday)

Posted by Diane Bogert on March 7th, 2010


Tuesday April 20, 2010 7:00 – 9:00 pm
NJ Rock Gym
Fairfield business Center
Rt. 46 West, Fairfield
(just west of Hollywood Ave in the rear)
See www.njrockgym.com for directions.

Please click here for Flyer and additional information

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Ski Trip

Posted by Diane Bogert on March 4th, 2010

The Craigmeur Gang has returned from Jackson Wyoming.   Everyone had a great time.  We skied the steep terrain at Jackson Hole with Sun and lots of good scenery at 10,000 feet for the first two days.  We then went to Grand Targhee and skied the Teton’s – Fantastic.

Snowmobiling though Yellowstone National Park and saw Old Faithful go off right on time.

That night the mountain got lots of new snow and we skied the deep powder for two more days.  On the last day we were up to our knees in powder.  Even two of the non-skiers had fun, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  Oh – and don’t forget the Cowboy Bar, where we spent many a night.  A memorable trip with memorable folks. All enriched old friendships and many made new ones.  Craigmeur Trips are the best, because Craigmeur Folks are the best.

Till Next Year – Dwight

Club Rock Climbing at NJ Rock Gym – 3/2/2010

Posted by Craig DeSantis on March 3rd, 2010

Once again the Club was well represented at the NJ Rock Gym.  About a dozen members and guests came to tried their hands at going vertical including some that this was their first attempt at climbing.  All met sucess at they reached the top.  One minor instruction we apparently omitted to those new to the sport is that once you get to the top you must let go of the wall to get back down!  Thanks to Ken for not only arranging the evening, but also, offering his skills and experience to coach climbers into stretching past what they thought they could due and ultimately reaching their goals.