Craigmeur Ski Club

Crested Butte – Feb 2011 – recap

21 Feb

If there such a thing as a perfect vacation – this was about as close as it could get.   Aside from a unexpected separation of our group at the onset of the trip that was corrected by the first stop and remained inseparable for the duration.  After that the trip could not have been run more smoothly.  The group was in unanimous agreement that Crested Butte proved to be one of, if not the best Ski Areas any of us ever visited.  A unique feature here was that skiers of all levels could ride the same chair to the top, choose a way down from intermediate to advance to expert, with these paths literally right next to each other – rejoining at the bottom.   We received great weather for ideal skiing – snowed nearly every day for the week prior to our arrival, and continued the first three days.  On the fourth and remaining days we were treated to cloudless blue skies.   Between the variety of terrain, specular conditions, and general good spirited moods every one stepped a notch in their skiing abilities. 

Stay tuned for great photos and video snippets…