Craigmeur Ski Club

Chamonix Feb 2012

20 Feb

Quotes from the travelers – in no particular order…..


“What a fantastic trip and fantastic group of people! Very nice seeing you all!”

“This was another fantastic trip organized by the one and only “De White Man”!!  LOVED IT!  So looking forward to the next great adventure with you all.  Thank you everyone for making this trip as much fun as possible!  Till the next time!  Love and Kisses!”

“Boy, it was easy to take some great pictures with all of that scenery!”

“I would like to thank Dwight for arranging a fantastic trip, but to me the best part was how everyone made me feel part of the group. It was great meeting and skiing with you and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to do it again. Thank you all for making this one of the best ski vacations I’ve ever had.”

“Great trip!”

“The skiing was absolutely amazing and the scenery was unbelievable. It was a pleasure skiing with all the folks and getting to know many of you for the first time. I’m looking forward to future trips! And thanks to Dwight for making it the great experience it was.”

“What an awesome time!!!!  It was a great pleasure to get to know you all.  And another thank you to Dwight for arranging this great experience.  Cant wait for the next trip.”

“Thank you Dwight and thank you all for a great time.   Good times with great views and a fabulous group.   Where next?”

“Is good to be home but I miss you all already. 🙂  Thank you Dwight for helping create such a fantastic memory! And thank you Bill for putting together the nice clip.  Where next?”

“I def have a trip to NEVER forget! We had such an awesome groupto ski with every day and the views were unforgettable!  Looking forwardto the next one J.  Great find Dwight!!!!”

“The most spectacular views ever!  Enjoyed meeting a few more new members to the group and hope to see you all again soon.   Can’t wait to hear what the next trip will be.  Great job,again, Dwight!”

“All I could say is.    Let me tell ya a story LOL”

“Just wanted you to know ,It was so much fun hanging out with you”

“…need any pictures, …videos, …Dwight tumbling over Kirk…?”

“Chamonix: fearsome peaks above wide ski trails and narrow village streets; gateway to the Vallee Blanche glacier adventure and Courmayeur’s delicious, alcohol-infused lunch; great company and unforgettable memories”

“From 1,200 meters to 3,800 meters in an exterior elevator up the face of a cliff, ending in Paradise.  Having an opportunity to ski, eat, and, drink with friends, and enjoy natures surroundings; and it wasn’t only the Vallee Blanche.   And then home to loved ones!  It doesn’t get any better than this.

“The best of everything…  Adventure, Scenery, Food, Drink, Parties, of course – Skiing, and most important – Friends.”


“It was my pleasure to get to ski with all of you.  I had a great time as always.  Great people, Great Mountain, Great Weather, great food and some fine beer and wine also.  I am resting up today, my legs are rubber.”


Pics coming soon….


NJSC February 2012 – Voucher news

19 Feb

Hello Craigmeur Members –

Well, Mother Nature has not been kind to winter sports enthusiasts this season, has she ? With limited snow fall in the Northeast and unseasonably warm weather, alpine sports have certainly suffered.

Upon review of lift ticket voucher purchases for the 2011-2012 season, Craigmeur Ski Club members have purchased approx. $35k of lift tickets. Someone is getting out on the slopes this season. Or optimistically holding out for that one big snow storm !

Resorts will soon begin seasonal discounts and lift ticket deals. At this time, Craigmeur has suspended further NJSC lift ticket voucher purchases due to the anticipated high quantity of lift ticket vouchers currently being held by club members.

If you are holding ANY lift ticket vouchers that you will not use by the end of March 2012, I strongly urge you to bring your vouchers to any / all regular club meetings and sell them to a club member who will use them.

Do not forget that many resorts have return limits, usually 10-15% of total purchases, and that the overages on returns get allocated across ALL members that returned vouchers for each resort. Overages the last few years have resulted in up-grade charges of as much as $45 per voucher !

Please maximize your fun and minimize your up-grade costs by using or selling your vouchers soon.

Thanks !

Chris Budd

NJSC rep

Split Rock Beginner Biking Event – May 12th, 2012

17 Feb

May 12th
Another Split Rock Beginner Biking event since the last one was so much fun!

Split Rock Beginner Ride # 4:
Back by popular demand we are doing another beginner mountain bike ride! A true mountain bike is required for this 8 miles out and back ride. We will again stop at the overlook 4 mi. in while the better riders do an additional single track loop before we all ride back out.

Riding tips will be given until you tell me to shut up. On the last ride people were riding terrain on the way out that they walked on the way in. When we returned to the parking lot they were beaming with pride. BEAMING I tell you! I got all misty eyed.
We will meet at the Rockaway Mall in order to car pool at 9:00 A.M. Parking is limited so try to make it. For those who are running late here are the directions.

Rt 80 to exit 37 Hibernia Rockaway
513 No.
6.3 mi. right on Upper Hibernia Rd.
.9 mi. left on Split Rock Rd. ( turns to dirt )
1.5 mi. to parking lot on left

Mayhem @ Mahlon – Rookie Mt. Bike Ride – May 19, 2012

17 Feb

Mayhem @ Mahlon

Rookie Mt. Bike Ride at Mahlon Dickerson Reservation at Saffin Pond Parking Lot – Jefferson Twp. NJ

May 19th, 2012 at 9AM



Chuck Emery will be a leading this ride. The loop will be designed to give folks who always wondered what this sport is about a decent taste of Mt. biking.  We’ll start on a flat fire road for about a mile (good warm-up). From there the ride will be on rocky double tracks and twisty single tracks with a fair amount of climbs and downhill runs. We’ll slowly graduate the difficulty of the trails with about three bailout points, as people get tired. For experienced riders, this loop would be about 1.25 hours. With rest stops, riding a slower pace and keeping the group together, it’ll probably take about twice that.

There are only a few rules:

1)  You must wear a helmet & bike gloves.

2)  You must ride a Mt. Bike. Hybrids won’t be able to handle these trails. We’ll try to come up with some extra bikes from friends of ours.

3)  You must bring water or a sports drink, a couple energy bars and a spare tube.

That’s about it. Some of our friends will join us so there will be enough experienced riders to help. If the group starts forming into A&B riders, we can split up so everyone has fun at their own level.

This is a great chance to have a goal for a winter workout plan. You’ll want to work mostly on cardio.  Being fit is a key ingredient to having fun on the bike.

Only one word of caution – Although we’ll do everything to keep you safe, Mt. Biking, like any extreme sport, bears the potential of getting hurt. Falling onto a rocky surface is part of the sport. You take this ride at your own risk!

For additional information Please click here to contact me

Hope to see a bunch of you @ Mahlon.

Below are some samples of terrains you may expect