Craigmeur Ski Club

Women’s X-Country Ski Weekend in Vermont on St. Patrick’s Day A Success Without Snow

10 Apr
When life gives you lemons make lemonade!   Well, we didn’t really get lemons.  We got….SPRING!   All the cross country skiing places within a 40 mile radius of our lodge had closed their doors for the season.   What were 14 eager women to do?   Would their day be foiled by some silly crocuses?   Never.   They decided to go hiking instead.   With some direction from the Green Mountain Club they ventured onto the Long Trail behind McGrath’s Irish Pub in Killington.   They hiked on ice and snow, through mud and streams, up steep inclines and down slippery rocks in search of the Appalacian Trail.    Whether they actually found it is subject to question.   What they did find, however, was great company: each other!   After quite a hike (how long we really don’t know) they rested their weary bones on Pico’s doorstep.   Why not?   There was a band playing and a bar on the deck.   And if that’s not a full enough day they later met up for lovely dinner at the Three Tomatos Trattoria in Rutland.   Life is good especially in the company of such wonderful, strong, and adventurous women.   If there is one thing we can all agree on, its a quote by Helen Hayes: Rest and you rust.

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HOT !! NJSC Voucher Returns – DUE ASAP

02 Apr

Hello All –

I have been advised by NJSC that vouchers are being required for return at the NJSC April 09, 2012.  That means vouchers have to be returned at the Wednesday April 04, 2012 meeting or mailed in for return.

Anyone not able to make the Wednesday April 04 meeting should mail their vouchers to:

Chris Budd

100 Chestnut Terrace

Rockaway, NJ 07866


Questions should be emailed to : skijcb /at/

Your attention and cooperation in this matter is appreciated.