Craigmeur Ski Club


27 Mar

Hello Fellow Snow Enthusiasts –

Mother Nature has begun her seasonal change from winter to spring in New Jersey, melting snow and waking daffodils and crocus to brighten the brown / grey landscape.

Winter is grudgingly hanging on in New England with Vermont seeing a significant snow storm the week of March 11.  Historically, March has been the snowiest month in New England and this season it appears the weather is returning to it’s historically snowy behavior.  Many Vermont resorts will be closing in mid-April but some, like Killington, plan to begin spreading their snow stockpiles to let us continue to hit the slopes into May.  Let’s see how much Mother Nature is willing to cooperate.

Craigmeur members were voracious voucher consumers this past season, having puchased in excess of $40,000. (forty thousand dollars) worth of vouchers.  That’s alot of skiing & snowboarding !!  And that dollar value does NOT include purchases of Ski VT passes or other discounted lift tickets offered through various programs.  Did someone say recession ??

Craigmeur’s voucher purchase program is structured differently than other NJSSC member clubs – we only purchase vouchers for which members have made prepayment.  Other clubs purchase a block of tickets & hope their members purchase them during the season.  Our system helps to minimize year end voucher returns by making members pre-invest in vouchers they have plans to use.

I know some of you are still holding NJSSC vouchers; you should be looking to ski those vouchers immediately or sell your vouchers to another club member who will. The most effective way to sell vouchers is to come to any club meeting and announce which vouchers you have to sell.  Another option is to post a message on Craigmeur’s Facebook page with available voucher quantities and your contact info BUT NO PRICES are to be listed.  NO PRICE INFORMATION should ever be given on any public posting; The is the quickest route to NJSSC losing their discount voucher priviledges.

As mentioned all season, every resort, especially Sugarbush, will be STRICTLY enforcing the voucher return limits imposed at the beginning of the season.  As of mid-January, NJSSC member had redeemed a mere 35% of purchased Sugarbush vouchers.  If the return limit is exceeded within the Club, Craigmeur members returning 2012-2013 Sugarbush vouchers for 2013-2014 up-grade may incur a significant up-grade fee toward next season’s voucher.  It is only fair to share Sugarbush up-grade costs across all purchasers of Sugarbush vouchers.

At the first meeting in April, I will have the 2012-2013 voucher purchase report broken out by individual resorts, which will allow me to calculate accurate return quantities.  I will also begin taking 2012-2013 returns; of course I excpect as few returns as possible.

Finally, I am looking for an apprentice to learn the ways of NJSSC, someone who can dedicate one day each month to a meeting and a few hours during winter months to learn the voucher system I have established.

Look for me at any Craigmeur CLub meeting and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


March 9, 2013 Club Race

18 Mar

This past Saturday March 9 we had our annual club race at Bromley Mt in Vermont and the weather was fabulous, blue skies and 40 degree temp’s. We had 55 racers in all with only 15 young racers, some were stripping down to gain an extra advantage others to cool down as the sun was strong & warm , others waxing up the boards to save a few hundredth of a second and some removing their gadgets to lighten their load. Most  survived the T-bar lift before it broken down at the end and only Chris Budd Sr. missed his final run.   All in all it was beautiful day to have a race and enjoy some skiing  with a fellow members. A very special thanks to Roy Spierer for hanging in the middle of the course and take many photos of us for almost 2 hours.


The hillbilly barbeque in the lodge parking in the late afternoon after a hard day of ski was great. We have plenty of food from burgers & dogs with beer onions from the grill being cooked by our Eric Strand. The porch had tables lined with all sorts of food, chips, salads, chilly, wings , mac & cheese,  sausage &peppers  and a course plenty to drink with beer, soda and water. The wheel barrel fire was roaring  late into the evening as the neighbors was hanging and enjoying great eats & drinks. A very special thanks for the party crew team of Bob Apgar, Christine Jost, Amy Stewart, Bruce “speedy” Stewart, Frank Smith, Mark Skove ,Craig ”better luck next year” DeSantis and my apologized is I missed anybody.

So racers until next year this is Mike Rachmiel Club Race chairman, saying  enjoy the summer,train hard and we’ll see you on the slopes soon.

Craigmeur Ski Club race results from March 9 2013

Written by Mike Rachmiel
Photos by: Ken Fox & Roy Spierer
Photo Gallery by your friendly Webmaster