Craigmeur Ski Club

Vt. Bike Ride

26 Aug

Ride the Island Line Trail – Burlington VT.


The lodge will be open for the week-end of 09/06, 07, 08. We’ll be heading over to Burlington from the lodge around 9AM or so.  Most likely, we’ll meet up at the Oakledge Park trailhead. We’ll have directions at the lodge. The trail looks flat, partially paved and partially hardpack.  A Mt. Bike or Hybrid would do the trick. It’s 12.5 mi. out and 12.5mi back along and over Lake Champlain. This is purely a social ride. We’ll find a couple pubs along the way for libations (or not, depending on what you want to do) & everyone can ride at their own pace. No pressure to finish at any particular time or to go any particular distance. After the ride, we can hang out in Burlington for a while. You can check out this trail through Google. Definitely a family affair if you choose.


Sunday morning, those into Mt. Biking will go over to Pine Hill Park a few minutes from the lodge to check out the trails there. From what I understand, it’s semi-technical, very flowy with a bunch of cool bridges. Check it out on the web, it got some really good reviews. There’s a bike shop in the lot that rents bikes – 802-775-7980.


Note: Phil won’t be cooking, so everyone will be on their own for food. Pls. Per night – Members $5, Non members $13, Kids 12 & under $3.

See attached for more detail  Burlington Ride

Recap – Murder Mystery/ Golf/ Sight-Seeing Weekend at Craigmeur Ski Lodge

03 Aug

There were no ghosts or goblins, but our night at Wilson Castle in Vermont was spent searching for the killer of an unknown victim. We were eventually given permission to access the dark, dingy, cobweb filled attic to find the body of Dick Edinger and the search for his killer began.

The killer, with a cold case like this, had 25 Craigmeur ski club members rummaging through drawers, exploring the castle, while drinking our own libations. We put our team together, but not until we visited the partridge cage was the killer, Mrs. Davin, found out?

A fun time was had by all at the Wilson Castle murder mystery.

We stayed at the Lodge, and feasted! Thanks to Chef Frank Smith, Susan Priore and their crew ; Phil wasn’t missed for a beat. What great camaraderie while everyone chipped in to get the meals served.

As always at the lodge in non-winter months, other activities filled the weekend. A number of people visited the local golf courses while others climbed waterfalls and went shopping. Take the time to experience the lodge in summer, you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Ken Fox
Original Announcement Post

Main Characters:

Dick Edinger – murdered

Mrs. Davin – killer

Reported by Diane Bogert

Note: The following photos include images from Wilson Castle Murder Mystery, the top of Okemo Mountain and Butter Milk Falls. Photos by Ken Fox and Larry Ticotin. Photo gallery created by Larry Ticotin, your friendly neighborhood webmaster. Enjoy!