Craigmeur Ski Club

NJSSC – Pocono cards delivery

30 Dec

Hello All –

Be advised you will be able to pick up your pre-purchased Pocono cards at the Wednesday 07 January 2015 meeting.

Vouchers purchased through 21 December will be available at the Wednesday 14 January 2015 meeting.

Next voucher cut off date is Friday 30 January 2015 with delivery date of Wednesday 18 February 2015.


NJSSC – Stratton voucher issue

13 Dec

Hello All –

Members who purchased first round Stratton vouchers need to be aware of the following information:

So sorry again about the misprint on the tickets- I have made our guest services department aware of the issue and regardless of what is printed on the voucher they are set up to print anytime tickets when redeemed. Our staff has been made aware of this issue and if any of your guests run into problems with a guest service representative not knowing to honor it you can inform them to ask for the GS manager Shannon. If for some reason she is not there they can call me.


Ariel Macrae

PH 802-297-6532

Craigmeur voucher pickup 10 December

08 Dec
Hello Members –
For those of you with 2013-2014 voucher upgrades and / or new voucher orders submitted on / before 24 November, be advised Chris Budd will be distributing orders on Wednesday 10 December 2014 between 7pm and 8pm ONLY.
NO vouchers orders will be accepted Wednesday 10 December 2014.
Please make arrangements to collect vouchers during the allotted time indicated above.  At 8pm, vouchers will be locked away until next distribution date of Wednesday 17 December 2014.
Thanks in advance for your attention and cooperation in this matter.
Chris Budd