Craigmeur Ski Club

New Website Update

11 Sep

I hope everyone enjoys the new website. It was a pleasure to create it.

Last night I had a conversation with Nicholas Stewart, President, Craigmeur Ski Club. Unfortunately, due to my time constraints, I have asked Nick to become’s Site Administrator.

The Site Administrator is responsible for helping people with the club’s website and ensuring that new posts meet specific standards. The Site Administrator will oversee and assign posting privileges to the appropriate people. I had known Nick before he became a member of the club and have no doubt he is the right technical person for the job.

I will remain the Webmaster to address technical issues that can’t be resolved by the Site Administrator. This includes system updates and adding new (reasonable) features if needed and available. I reserve the right to choose who will be the Site Administrator based on their qualifications.

Our website standards for posts are common sense. No malicious content or anything that will malign the club’s image will be allowed. Also, all posts must be related to the club so that the website does not become watered down with non-club postings, including requests for donations to charities. If you have questions if a post is acceptable, please see your Site Administrator.

One more thought. The website is only as good as each member makes it. Please contribute posts including event write-ups and photographs to the site. Our website is designed to draw new members and give current members information on past or future activities, so content is crucial.

Larry Ticotin. Webmaster

Update – Website Is Now Fully Functional

05 Sep

UPDATED: 9/9/19 1:30 PM

I lied. The Lodge calendar has now been installed and is ready to go. Unfortantely the previous Lodge calendar was unstable. I have replaced it with a calendar which should be more stable.

Reclusive Web Master

UPDATED: 9/7/19 12:39 PM

Critical engine software updates were recently implemented and needed for this website. Unfortunately, the updates broke the site. The site is now fully functional with a new design except for the missing Lodge Calendar.  I was aware that the site’s appearance was dated. However, my view was if it is not broken, don’t fix it. Now it is fixed with a new up to date look. I understand a new web site is under construction. Please check with your Executive board if you have any questions.

Features of this NEW theme/look:

  • Mobile Friendly Responsive MODERN Design – View site on your mobile phone or tablet in vertical position – Google rewards sites for this design because it is more useable.
  • Website is fast – renders page quickly!
  • Easily viewable and clean design. Easy to read.
  • New websites should be viewed in both computer browsers and mobile phones to check for usability and appearance!
  • Images on top are randomonly changed each time you visit site or go to a new page and may be edited and added.
  • Videos may also be added to the top.
  • LODGE CALENDAR may be added if requested – providing the club is happy with this look. Adding the lodge calendar may take a lot of my valuable time. It will only be added if the club is committed to this design.


(Please share your comments at club meetings)