Craigmeur Ski Club

Here are some instructions so that you may quickly navigate and enjoy this site:

The left column has the latest Lodge information and reservation openings. Check these posting often. In the future the lodge is going to also post mid week openings and last minute openings and changes.

The middle column (the biggest column) has the most recent club information postings starting from the top of the page.

On the right column directly under the calendar and events are the Main links. These are information links that contain pertinent club information. In addition you will find other information that will explain how to participate with this site, including posting information on this web site, within the respective topics shown.

Under the Main links are the Categories links. These links include important up to date information about the club. All members can participate and post information that they want to share, that is related to the club. For example, you can post information about a recent ski trip that you went on and even include photos from you adventure. Everybody can contribute their comments about a recent club event. Please be sure to read comments that have been added to postings.

Please visit our site often to get current Killington area weather conditions and ski condition reports, as shown directly under Search on our home page.

Webmaster, Larry Ticotin

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