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Club Race Cancelation & Covid-19 Update

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Update 3/16/20

**Due to the newly implemented curfew for businesses and restaurants we are force to suspend our weekly meetings for the time being. Hopefully this is for only a week or two. Stay tuned for updates on our meeting schedule, e-board announcements and changes to our upcoming elections.**

Hello Everyone,

Due to the situation that is Covid-19 many of the mountains in Vermont have suspended operations for at least a full week. Bromley is one of those mountains. This means that we unfortunately have to cancel the club race this weekend. Please contact the appropriate people if you have questions about lodge stays or ordered tickets for club race.

We will continue to hold our weekly meetings. However we understand peoples concerns about the Coronavirus and we urge everyone to use their own discretion about being in public. If you join us for a meeting, please be aware of fellow members personal space.

Keep an eye out for email updates and updates here on the website as the situation continues to develop.

Stay healthy,

Nick Stewart

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