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Multi-Mountain Season Passes - sooo many options

We all want to schuss as many runs as possible this season, maybe at several different resorts. Does the financial obligation scare you ? It should if you plan to purchase lift tickets at resort window prices. Most of the big name resorts charge $100++ at the ticket window for a day pass to access their lifts. Even small regional resorts have to charge big bucks to cover operating expenses and associated costs to keep a winter resort profitable. Luckily, we do have a few options to save $$ on our favorite winter activity. Thanks to for compiling & publishing an early season list of multi-resort lift pass options. Go here to see the info -


You still have to do some homework to decide where you want to hit the slopes and which pass will best match your planned outings. So make the effort, do a little homework and you will find saving $$ is possible. See ya on the slopes !

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